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These are the 95 sectors that can benefit from the aid for companies and the self-employed

After the meeting held this week of Minister council, the Official State Gazette (BOE) has published today the definitive list of activities that may be accepted to receive the new package of government aid for companies and the self-employeds. Of the 11,000 million euros planned, 7,000 will represent direct aid for which applicants must meet all requirements. The management will fall on the autonomous communities that they will sign the agreements throughout this month and that they will receive the funds ten days after the signing. The aid will be paid throughout this year.

The sectors that may benefit from this extraordinary type of aid are, among others, such as publishing of newspapers, bars, restaurants, shops, cinemas, gyms and betting shops. Of these 7,000 million, 5,000 will go to the autonomous communities of the peninsula, while the rest will go to the Canary Islands and the Balearic Islands. The distribution will be made according to the weight of each community in the fall in GDP, unemployment and youth unemployment.

The cast

In order to receive these grants, companies and freelancers must be domiciled in Spain and have registered in fiscal year 2020 a drop of more than 30% in your trading volume annual compared to 2019. In addition, the destination of the aid must be first for payment to suppliers and then for the payment of bank debts, with priority for those with public endorsement.

Companies under an objective estimation regime may receive up to 3,000 euros, while those that have a direct estimation regime with a maximum of ten employees will be able receive 40% of losses. Those with the most employees, 20%, with a subsidy that It may not be less than 4,000 euros or more than 200,000 euros. Another item of 3,000 euros will be destined to transfers from the Government to settle part of the debts guaranteed by public money, to extend or lighten those credits. The third, of 1,000 million, is a recapitalization fund destined to help viable companies but with problems due to the economic crisis.

The aid is conditional on maintaining the activity until the June 30, 2022, they cannot distribute dividends neither this year nor next nor raise the salary to the management in two years.

In total there are 95 sectors of economic activities who can benefit from the aid set by the Government.

Chosen activities

Extraction of minerals from iron.

Ice cream making.

Making coffee, tea and infusions.

Distillation, rectification and mixing of alcoholic beverages.

Production of cider and other fermented beverages from fruits.

Manufacture of other outerwear.

Manufacture of other clothing and accessories.

Manufacture of fur articles.

Manufacture of other knitted garments.

Graphic arts and related services.

Other printing and graphic arts activities.

Pre-printing and media preparation services.

Binding and related services.

Reproduction of recorded media.

Manufacture of explosives.

Precious metal production.

Manufacture of optical instruments and photographic equipment.

Manufacture of fiber optic cables.

Manufacture of jewelery and similar articles.

Manufacture of costume jewelery and similar articles.

Aviation and space repair and maintenance.

Steam and air conditioning supply.

Intermediaries in the trade of textiles, clothing, furs, footwear and leather goods.

Intermediaries in the trade of food products, beverages and tobacco.

Wholesale of hides and skins.

Wholesale of beverages.

Wholesale of sugar, chocolate and confectionery.

Wholesale of coffee, tea, cocoa and spices.

Wholesale of fish and shellfish and other food products.

Non-specialized wholesale trade of food products, beverages and tobacco.

Wholesale of porcelain, glassware and cleaning supplies.

Wholesale trade of watches and jewelery.

Other retail trade in non-specialized stores.

Retail trade of bread and bakery, confectionery and pastry products in specialized stores.

Retail trade of beverages in specialized establishments.

Retail sale of computers, peripheral equipment and software in specialized stores.

Retail sale of textiles in specialized stores.

Retail sale of newspapers and stationery in specialized stores.

Retail sale of clothing in specialized stores.

Retail sale of footwear and leather goods in specialized stores.

Retail sale of watches and jewelery in specialized stores.

Retail trade of textiles, clothing and footwear at stalls and markets.

Retail trade of other products in stalls and markets.

Other retail trade not carried out in establishments, stalls or markets.

Urban and suburban passenger land transport.

Transportation by taxi.

Types of passenger land transport nec

Maritime passenger transport.

Passenger transport by inland waterways.

Air passenger transport.

Activities related to land transportation.

Activities related to maritime and inland waterway transport.

Activities related to air transport.

Hotels and similar accommodation.

Tourist accommodation and other short stay accommodation.

Campsites and caravan parks.

Other accommodations.

Restaurants and food stalls.

Provision of meals prepared for events.

Other food services.

Beverage establishments.

Publishing of newspapers.

Film exhibition activities.

Photography activities.

Car and light motor vehicle rental.

Truck rental.

Rental of leisure and sports items.

Rental of video tapes and discs.

Rental of other personal effects and household items.

Rental of office machinery and equipment, including computers.

Rental of means of navigation.

Rental of means of air transport.

Rental of other machinery, equipment and tangible goods nec

Travel agency activities.

Activities of tour operators.

Other reservation services and activities related to them.

Photocopying, document preparation and other specialized office activities.

Organization of conventions and trade fairs.

Other business support activities.

Performing arts.

Auxiliary activities to the performing arts.

Management of showrooms.

Museum activities.

Management of historical places and buildings.

Activities of botanical gardens, zoos and nature reserves.

Gambling and betting activities.

Management of sports facilities.

Gym activities.

Other sports activities.

Amusement park and theme park activities.

Other recreational and entertainment activities.

Shoe repair and leather goods.

Watch and jewelry repair.

Washing and cleaning of textile and leather garments.

Physical maintenance activities.

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