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These are the activities that Elche will celebrate in the Sustainable Mobility Week

The City Council participates for the seventh time in an initiative promoted by the European Commission that aims to promote public and alternative transport, as well as reduce polluting emissions in cities such as Elche, where the 80% of polluting emissions they come from private traffic. It is its decrease is one of the axes of action of the council to achieve a cleaner city. University studies revealed, in fact, that in Elche there is one death every three days due to air pollution.

This year’s campaign is titled as Sustainable, Healthy and Safe Mobility, and has the slogan “for your health, move in a sustainable way”. A slogan of which Esther Díez affirms that “it is very successful, and more so in a context in which citizens have understood, due to the pandemic, the danger posed by invisible agents, in addition to being more aware of the risks that emissions may have. pollutants on your health. That is why I think this week is so important, because we give impetus to change with all the planned activities ”. Eminently practical initiatives that Julio Fernández, coordinating agent of the Municipal School of Traffic Education and Cycling Safety, believes that “they are the ones that truly encourage any citizen to leave the car and bet on sustainable means such as walking or cycling.”

Events of Mobility Week 2021

The activities, adapted to the hygienic-sanitary situation of the covid-19 and carried out in open spaces so that in addition to the registered people any citizen can participate, will begin on September 13 with urban cycling courses of an hour and a half in which It will be taught how to circulate through the city correctly and the basic regulations. It will be at 7:30 p.m. and will continue on September 15 and 17.

On Tuesday 14 and Thursday 16 at the same time, in Plaça del Congreso Eucharistic and Plaça de Baix, respectively, the basic bicycle mechanics course will take place to learn how to make repairs: how to grease chains or repair punctures.

The events continue on the 18th with the urban cycling march carried out in collaboration with the Peña de las Águilas Neighborhood Association; and on the 19th with a new edition of Elx a peu, a walk along the swamp path to promote pedestrian mobility and enhance a recovered natural area.

Mobility Week 2021 will end on the 22nd with Parking Day, in which various car parks in the municipality will be turned into gardens for a day. It is an event organized in coordination with the urban gardens Hort de Felip and Huerto urban de la Cuerna, and which will take place in the streets of Vicent Andrés Estellés, Avenida de las Cortes Valencianas, La Diagonal, Pere Joan Perpinyà and San Bartolomé de Tirajana in Arenales del Sol.

Registration prior to all these activities is already available on the website

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