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These are the approved measures for discos and mass events

An Ibiza nightclub full of public in the 2019 season

An Ibiza nightclub full of public in the 2019 season
Sergio G. Cañizares

The Interterritorial Health Council approved this Wednesday common measurements throughout Spain for restaurants and bars, the progressive opening of nightclubs and the holding of mass events. The Declaration of Coordinated Actions (DAC) is mandatory, despite the fact that seven autonomies they have shown their rejection. Madrid, Andalusia, Galicia and Murcia have voted against, like Catalonia, although the Government for competency reasons. The Basque Country also shares that the document invades its powers and that is why it has not participated in the vote and Castilla y León and Melilla have abstained. These are the main measures approved:

Night leisure

The opening of nightlife venues may be authorized when the autonomous community is outside the risk levels or at alert level 1, that is, below 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days.

Consumption of Drinks and food, both indoors and outdoors, it will be done sitting at tablesThe maintenance of the proper safety distance of at least 1.5 meters between the chairs must be ensured.

They may not exceed 50% of the maximum capacity inside the premises. Although, the terraces may occupy all the tables, always ensuring the aforementioned distance. The tables will have a limit of 6 people indoors and 10 people outdoors.

The closing time of these establishments will be at 02:00 hours extendable to 03:00 hours.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, when autonomy is in the alert level 2 (100 cases per 100,000), as long as the complementary indicators for estimating the alert level show a favorable evolution, the regional government may consider authorizing the opening of discos, with a capacity of 30% indoors. On levels 3 and 4 (high and extreme), the blind will not be allowed to go up.

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In the territories in level 0 (below 25 cases per 100,000 inhabitants), the allowed capacity will be 50% indoors, and can be increased by 10% if a high level of ventilation and air quality control is applied. On the terraces, all the tables can be occupied, with a distance of 1.5 meters between the chairs. In addition, the bar consumption, keeping the aforementioned distance. Tables will have a limit of 6 people indoors and 10 outdoors.

At the levels of alert 1 to 4, The provisions of the document on ‘Coordinated Response Actions for the control of the transmission of covid-19’, known as ‘semaphore’, will be followed. The closing time of these establishments will be at the latest at 01:00 hours and it will stop serving at 24:00.

Massive events

In the new normal and alert levels 1 and 2, common general indications are established such as that smoking will not be allowed, or consume other tobacco products such as electronic cigarettes. The sale or consumption of food and beverages will be carried out only in the designated area, in closed spaces. Likewise, the monitoring of compliance with the mandatory use of a mask will be reinforced during the stay at the event, as well as at the time of entry and exit. Also included is the recommendation that the seated audience have pre-assigned seats.

In mass events and activities, posters or other information media will also be available at the main entrances and other units on preventive and health safety measures. And, measures will be taken to avoid possible crowds and a cleaning and disinfection protocol will be available.

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The gauges allowed in each of the situations (new normal, alert level 1 or 2) are also specified in the approved document. It should be noted that the last two levels (high and very high) will not hold mass events.


The Interterritorial Council has approved that smoking on public roads is prohibited or in outdoor spaces when a minimum interpersonal distance of at least 2 meters cannot be respected. This limitation will also be applicable for the use of any other tobacco inhalation device, water pipes, hookahs or similar products. This measure had been discussed several times and some autonomies have already implemented it, but for the first time it is agreed at the national level.


After the discussion on the second dose for those under 60 years vaccinated with AstraZeneca, the approved document indicates that the communities will implement the vaccination campaign following the vaccination strategy approved by the Public Health Commission. Likewise, it indicates that the regions must have all the materials, equipment and resources necessary for the administration of the vaccines provided by the Ministry of Health.

Likewise, the autonomous communities will provide the information from the records and information systems on vaccines, or from any other system with information of interest within the framework of its powers, to the State Vaccination Registry managed by the Ministry of Health.

Seroprevalence study

The Interterritorial Council has also agreed to carry out the fifth round of the National Seroprevalence Study ENE-COVID after reaching the vaccination coverage goal of the 70% of the population and, in any case, before the end of 2021.

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