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These are the best file explorers for Android that you can download right now

If you are looking for a good file explorer, you have come to the right place and that is because we have compiled the best options for Android phones.

The storage of mobile devices has grown greatly and this has made management complicated for some time now. Now the devices start at 128 GB and can reach up to 1 TB of storage. Taking this into account, what happens is that a large number of files end up accumulating.

In order to have an order when managing these files, it is best to have an application that is capable in general terms. And, it is that, Normally, the Android file explorer or that of each manufacturer falls short in terms of features and functionalities. that are basic to manage this task.

We have decided to dive into the Google app store to rescue the best file explorers for Android phones.. In the list of applications that we have compiled you will find different applications, some more modern and others less updated, but extremely reliable.


This is one of the most used file management applications. Solid Explorer has a wide range of features and options, it is also an application that has been in the Google application store for many years, so it is highly polished and, in addition, it is updated from time to time with new improvements. Direct link to the PlayStore.

Astro File Manager

Continuing with the list is Astro, which is an application whose main virtue, In addition to being a good file explorer, it is the fact that it has a very modern design. This design keeps the learning curve to a minimum and, in fact, is one of the easiest file explorers to use in the entire collection. Direct link to the PlayStore.

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FX FileManager

This file explorer can be considered as a combination between the previous two. The design is not extremely modern, but there are certain current touches and at the level of features we find an explorer that can basically do everything. The best thing is that it is completely free and has no ads.. Direct link to the PlayStore.

Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager it is an open source file explorer so any user can consult the lines of code that compose it. It is an application that is part of an interesting project and the intention is to offer a useful tool that anyone can access without any problem. Direct link to the PlayStore.

mk explorer

This file explorer is intended for those users with somewhat outdated devices and unable to install the newest apps. MK Explorer has everything you need to be a top explorer, the only thing that penalizes it is the fact that it is more designed for devices with older versions of Android. Direct link to the PlayStore.


Root Explorer, as its name suggests, is an explorer designed for those users who have rooted their devices. If this doesn’t sound like anything to you, you can continue browsing the rest of the recommendations. Being a file explorer designed to use root, the options it integrates are much more advanced than the rest of the applications. Direct link to the PlayStore.

Total Commander

Total Commander has more than 10 million downloads in the Google app store and this figure means that it is one of the best file explorers for Android. At the design level, it’s not amazing, but it integrates everything that is expected in terms of functionalities and features of a good file explorer. Direct link to the PlayStore.

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