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These are the best SSDs you can buy

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SSDs come in various form factors and capacities, but these are some of the best you can buy regardless of your budget or what you want to use them for.

By now everyone should know how much better an old computer with a hard drive is going to be an SSD. The overall speed of SSD drives can give older equipment with more years of use a second life, thus preventing more technology from ending up in the trash.

For computers that already have an SSD either because you upgraded a long time ago or because you already had an SSD when you bought it, it may be time to upgrade to get more capacity or speed.

If you are looking for a new SSD drive we offer you some very interesting options that you can buy at a good price right now.

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We have chosen the best SSD drives in various formats, both in 2.5″ format and in NVMe for compatible equipment. We have also chosen them with a good transfer speed and with a good value for money.

It does not matter what you want this SSD for, if it is for a laptop that you use for work or daily, or for a high-performance computer for games. You even have options to change the SSD of a PlayStation 5.

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In addition, we have chosen with a capacity of 1TB, enough space so you don’t have to update for a long time. While all of these options have lower capacities, we believe they are the best option right now.

  1. Best SSD for value for money: SanDisk SSD Plus
  2. Best NVMe M.2: Samsung 980
  3. Best option for PS5: WD BLACK SN850
  4. Best performance: Samsung 980 Pro

Best SSD for value for money: SanDisk SSD Plus

SanDisk SSD Plus

If what you want is an SSD in 2.5″ format and one that has the best value for money, you can certainly choose this one. SanDisk SSD Plus. It is available in capacities from 120 GB and up to 2 TB, although as we mentioned, right now a capacity of 1 TB is perfect.

In this capacity you can get it on Amazon for 87.49 euros. It reaches a reading speed of 545 MB/s and 450 MB/s in writing.

It is a good option for laptops and PC towers with mixed use, including gaming. Although if you are looking for options to play, we have more options below.

Best NVMe M.2: Samsung 980

Samsung 980 M.2

As for the best value for money in NVMe format, this Samsung 980 M.2 it is one of the best.

It has capacities of 250 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB, good prices and reaches a speed of 3,500 MB/s in reading and 3,000 MB/s in writing. It is the perfect drive to use in laptops and computers with this connection.

It is for sale on Amazon for 100.25 euros and on PcComponentes for 86.99 euros.

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Best option for PS5: WD BLACK SN850


If you are looking for a unit to improve the storage capacity of your PlayStation 5, you can choose this unit specially designed for gaming WD BLACK SN850.

It is optimized for PlayStation 5 by including a heat sink. It also reaches a reading speed of 7,000 MB/s taking advantage of the PCIe 4 connection.

Obviously you can also buy it to use it on your PC.

You can buy it today for 159 euros on Amazon, while in PcComponentes you find it at 165.99 euros. In both cases with the heatsink included.

Best performance: Samsung 980 Pro

Samsung 980Pro

One of the most interesting SSD drives for its performance is this Samsung 980 Pro 1TB. It comes in NVMe M.2 format so it is perfect for use on both a PlayStation 5 and a PC with input for this format and that takes advantage of the speeds allowed by the PCIe 4.0 standard.

Achieves a sequential read speed of 7,000MB/s, making it twice as fast as PCIe SSDs

You can find it on Amazon for 144 euros and with free shipping.

any of these units Available on Amazon with free shipping. If you also want fast shipping We recommend you sign up for Prime. It has a free trial of 30 days without obligation, up to 3 months if you are a student, and there is no permanence.

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