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These are the best treadmills to exercise at home according to your budget

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With these treadmills you can keep your body active and enjoy a good running session without leaving home. We show you the best you can find in stores.

During the pandemic and confinement, many people discovered that exercising at home is not so bad, as long as you have a large enough space for it. There are free and paid online resources for fitness, yoga, pilates, and more.

Yes indeed, if what you practice is a different type of sport, such as cycling or running, you will need to make an investment in a device that allows it, such as a stationary bicycle (or a roller) or a treadmill, and there are many of them at prices for all tastes.

There are many brands that sell cheap treadmills, folding or with high-end features if you can pay a little more, extras for those who want to measure their performance much more accurately, the same target audience as the main sports and running watches.

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Lately, even treadmills have become fashionable, which do not allow too much speed but are ideal for a more moderate exercise, even while you work.

We’ve rounded up some of the best treadmills you can buy right now.

  1. FITFIU Fitness MC-200
  2. Cecotec RunnerFit Sprint
  3. Cecotec Extreme Track Vibrator
  4. Domyos T520
  5. BH i.Boxster Plus
  6. Gymstick Pro Run Diamond 10.0

FITFIU Fitness MC-200

FITFIU Fitness MC-200

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For a price that ranges between 300 and 400 euros on Amazon, you have the FITFIU Fitness MC-200 1,500 W treadmill. You have to pay 6.99 euros for shippingbut it is worth it if you want to have a good treadmill at home at an affordable price.

The Fitness MC-200 is it a folding treadmill that you can easily store and transport. It has an adjustable speed up to 14km/h and a 40x110cm running surface, perfect for staying in line, doing cardio and keeping fit.

Includes 12 training programs and heart rate monitor on the handlebar to receive information about your heart rate. On its LED screen you will receive real-time information about your training session.

RunnerFit Sprint

Cecotec Runnerfit Sprint

At Cecotec you have the RunnerFit Sprint treadmill for about 300 euros and with free shipping, with a two-year guarantee. A great treadmill to run at home as if you were running a race outdoors.

This treadmill is simple but enough to do cardiovascular exercise at home. It has 12 training programs, six speeds and an LED display. that offers data in real time. Add two bottle holders, grab arms and Scan function which automatically changes the panel values.

You can choose the speed between 0.8 km/h and 14 km/h, and it has a running surface of 123×40 cm. It is foldable, tilts manually in two positions and includes a magnetic security system.. Great for simple but efficient aerobic exercises.

ExtremeTrack Vibrator

Cecotec Extreme Track Vibrator

The Extreme Track Vibrator treadmill is the most complete of Cecotec’s Fit range and you can buy it at its official store. The usual price is 715 euros, but now it is much cheaper.

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With this treadmill you can do indoor running professionally without leaving home. stands out because incorporates a vibrating massage belt, dumbbells and foam bars for a more complete workout with which you can tone your body, keep fit and lose weight.

It reaches a speed of up to 18km/h and has 12 training programs, as well as 4 preset modes of operation. A great treadmill to achieve your goals as a runner in your own home.

Domyos T520

Domyos T520

Designed for moderate use of approximately 5 hours per week, this Decathlon model has just about everything.

It has ten pre-recorded training programs, adjustable incline and a maximum speed of 13 km/h.

The design is particularly robust and has no wheels, so you should find a good space for it at home.

BH i.Boxster Plus

BH i.Boxster Plus

This high-end model can reach 22 km/h speed, which is not bad at all and surpasses what other cheaper ones can offer.

In addition, it is foldable, so you can collect it so that it does not take up too much space. It is from a brand with a lot of experience in sports accessories, the legendary BH, which also has this type of gadgets for training at home.

It has wheels and includes some top-notch features, like the option to measure body fat percentage.

Gymstick Pro Run Diamond 10.0

Gymstick Pro Run Diamond 10.0 Treadmill

The Gymstick Pro Run Diamond 10.0 is a stylish treadmill that brings great performance to your workout. It costs about 1,500 euros at TrainInn and is designed for the most demanding runners.

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What stands out about this treadmill is that it is also sold for gyms, so when you buy it you will be buying a high-end professional treadmill to train in your own home. It features a 3.0 HP AC motor and a high-quality mat.

Reaches up to 20km/h speedwith an elevation between 0 and 15% manual or automatic. Has 24 preset programsa manual program and 3 user programs, with a 10-inch LCD screen with blue backlight.

Your running surface Provides cushioning that reduces joint stress to ensure a comfortable and safe workout.

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