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These are the best watches for open water swimming

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Of all the athletes, swimmers also have technology on their side with smart watches. Although it is true that most focus on more popular sports such as running or cycling because they can be practiced throughout the year.

If you are a person who likes swimming, which is already one of the most complete sports you can practice, but you also usually swim in open water, we suggest some smartwatches for swimmers that will be very helpful.

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We also have some of the best options if you prefer to swim in the pool.

These smartwatches have GPS, so it will save all your progress swimming in open water, both in bodies of salt water and in fresh water.

These watches have to show adequate information for this sport, such as knowing how much you advance per stroke, or your times. Also know the rate of efficiency in swimming.

You can get them in stores like Amazon, where shipping is free, but if you also want fast shipping so that tomorrow you can swim with your new watch, you should sign up for Amazon Prime if it isn’t already.

  1. Garmin Swim 2
  2. Garmin Fenix ​​7X
  3. SUUNTO 9
  4. Apple Watch Ultra
  5. Apple Watch Series 8
  6. Polar Vantage V2

Best value for money: Garmin Swim 2

This watch is probably the best in the world if you’re just looking for a device to help you improve. It lacks many smart features but is the most accurate when it comes to taking swim data.

One of the watches that swimmers like the most is this Garmin Swim 2a smartwatch designed specifically for swimmers of all kinds.

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It includes many functions for swimming, such as rest, critical speed, distance tracking, pace, strokes and GPS tracking to know how you have moved and for how many meters.

All this information can be seen better represented in the mobile application where you can check your progress when swimming. It also has the typical functions of a smartwatch such as showing notifications, calls, messages from some apps or music playback control.

You can get it on Amazon for only 225 euros.

For adventurers: Garmin Fenix ​​7X

Garmin Fenix ​​7X

One more year, Garmin once again has the watch that is positioned as the absolute king in the sector, the Fenix ​​7X, a true beast of power, precision and also of battery.

It is designed for all kinds of sports, from the most classic ones such as running to mountaineering, but in open water it also provides everything you need, especially because it positions itself with several satellites, so it measures the route, distance and pace accurately. 100% reliable.

For triathlon it is also ideal, especially because reaches 26 hours of battery in GPS modesomething that few models can offer today, especially those that are more smartwatches than sports watches themselves.

Of course, the price is not much less affordable, but it is going down little by little and from the outset it is lower than that of competitors such as the Apple Watch Ultra.

For extreme athletes: Suunto 9

Ultra-durable GPS watch with long battery life, heart rate tracking, stress, recovery and barometer for weather functions, perfect for athletes of all kinds.

Another smartwatch specially designed for athletes who want to use it in unusual situations such as in the mountains or swimming in open water is this one SUUNTO 9.

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It has several autonomy modes that differ depending on whether you want it to use the maximum level of information or not. Performance mode gives you 25 hours of uninterrupted use with non-stop GPS tracking. Endurance mode gives up to 50 hours of use with GPS tracking, but less accurate than the former.

It has a heart rate monitor, altimeter, resistance for extreme hot and cold conditions, high-detail GPS, and tracking for many sports, including swimming.

Suunto 9 can be obtained in two versions, a normal one for 299 euros at MediaMarkt with free shipping. The other is Suunto 9 Barowhich includes a barometer to follow weather changes for 444 euros.

The best if you have an iPhone: Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

With much fanfare, Apple has announced what is by far its best watch so far, and the most expensive, with an official price of close to 1,000 euros, the Apple Watch Ultra.

Obviously it is not a watch for everyone, but for those who practice extreme sports or in nature, where swimming in open water could fit. It improves resistance to cold, shocks and scratches, it also improves positioning and battery life.

It is a model that seeks to compete against the high-end Garmin, but offering everything that the other Apple Watches offer, such as Apple Pay and watchOS with all its functions.

An especially interesting feature is that it uses multiple satellites to position itself and calls the emergency services if it detects serious problems, even if there is no coverage.

Smart above all else: Apple Watch Series 8

Apple Watch Series 8

The new generation of the Apple Watch Series has for the first time an older brother in the Ultra. That does not make them less interesting, although it does make their 2-3 days of battery pale, especially for athletes.

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The positive point is that it continues to offer one of the best heart rate sensors, with the ability to do EKGs. It also positions excellently via GPS and now allows you to enter personalized training, for example with series, but only in athletics.

As it uses GPS and has open water swimming mode and multisport (triathlon) counting strokes, rhythm and SWOLF among other data.

Accurate for multisport: Polar Vantage V2

A very complete sports smartwatch, with a record of more than 100 activities, heart rate monitoring, GPS and a long battery life.

For athletes who perform more than one activity, such as triathletes, this Polar Vantage V2 it is a very good option.

It has a very sensitive heart rate sensor, an autonomy of up to 40 hours of non-stop training, or up to 100 hours with more normal use. It also has GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Chinese QZSS for tracking.

For swimmers it has precise information such as style detection, distance, pace, strokes and rest times even in open water.

You can find it on Amazon for 475 euros in black, grey-lime and green.

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