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These are the changes in the breast and menstruation suffered by women who have recently been vaccinated against Covid-19

Side effects after the vaccine


Cases that could be associated have been described, one of them in Spain. Several scientific groups are studying the possible relationship although it has not yet been included in the technical data sheet.

Health personnel prepare a vaccine against Covid-19.
Health personnel prepare a vaccine against Covid-19.Orlando BarraEFE
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Although it is not described in the technical data sheet of any of the vaccines against Covid-19, the cases of women who, after being immunized, have menstruation alterations, are accumulating. such as slightly heavier bleeding or slight delays and some even perceive changes in the breasts. Some define them as side effects. However, a direct relationship between these circumstances and injectables has not yet been shown. Just as this issue is being studied in the United States and the United Kingdom, in Spain, the University of Granada has launched a study on the impact of vaccination that protects us from SARS-CoV-2 on the menstrual cycle.

“Already in February, when the health workers were vaccinating ourselves, we began to observe that some of the women manifested menstruation disorders,” explains Laura Cmara, midwife and expert in female sexual health at the Virgen de Las Nieves Hospital in Granada. This midwife launched her own survey, in which 51% of the participants (in total, 2,827) reported some type in this regard.

In these months, according to Latest official data from the UK Government, there have been 2,200 reports of menstrual abnormalities after anticovid injection. Abnormal bleeding, breast pain and swelling, delays …

For its part, the magazine ‘British Medical Journal‘has echoed a letter written by the professor of pharmacy at the University of Huddersfield (United Kingdom), Hamid Merchant, in which he speaks of about 1,000 cases of affected women: “Until April 5, 2021, there has been there have been 958 cases of menstrual irregularities after vaccination. “

Meanwhile, in the United States, the University of Illinois is conducting a statistical report on the matter and in Spain, based on the data from the survey by midwife Cmara, the University of Granada has started a project focused on the analysis of more than 120 women, from before getting vaccinated to a year later. It is about studying the duration of menstrual cycles, the bleeding pattern and other related parameters (such as clotting profiles or the level of hormones, through blood analysis) to be able to offer a more forceful answer, beyond the perceptions reflected in the surveys by each woman.

To date, according to Latest report on Covid-19 vaccines, 291 notifications related to the reproductive system and breast have been registered, a figure very far from that of other notifications such as general disorders (15,814) or the nervous system (10,060). For the Ministry of Health, “adverse reactions cannot be considered but health problems that have occurred in temporary association with the vaccine.” In addition, asserts Health, “no relationship has yet been found between these bleeds and the administration of the vaccine.”

Along the same lines, Cmara insists that “For now, we cannot say that Covid-19 vaccines cause these types of disorders, but we cannot say the opposite either. “However,” everything seems to indicate that these effects are slight and temporary, without great repercussion in the health “.

Breast augmentation

The same occurs with another of the observed effects: a slight increase in breast. “We are seeing in some cases” increased immune response “by the anticovid vaccine, says gynecologist Jackie Calleja.” Sometimes, it can cause inflammation of the lymph nodes, which in turn generates “the subjective perception of breast enlargement.” As Calleja explains, the truth is that “to avoid confounding factors when evaluating routine breast imaging tests, we are advising not to do them until four to six weeks after vaccination.” Observing this swollen lymph nodes on mammograms could raise unnecessary doubts.

In short, both breast enlargement and menstrual alterations are “minor, mild and transitory effects,” emphasizes the gynecologist. It is important not to alarm women or question their anticovid immunization. Neither risk of breast cancer nor infertility nor abortion has been described. The possible changes generated in menstruation and the breast is “irrelevant” and occurs “also with the use of other types of drugs or stressful situations.” As the days go by, “the bleeding pattern and the breast return to normal.”

The midwife agrees with the idea of ​​not alarming the female population. It is about “giving women peace of mind, warning of those minor or temporary symptoms that may occur after vaccination, avoiding unnecessary fears and tests.”

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