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These are the FP titles with the most job opportunities in 2022

Vocational training and university studies are the two main destinations for students who finish high school.

The 2021 / 2022 academic year is about to end, and many students are considering their future. Today choosing between vocational training (VET) and university does not affect the chances of finding a job quality and well paid.

Unlike, companies generate a high demand for senior VET technicians and technicians. According to the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, 50% of job offers between now and 2030 will require some kind of vocational training.

Currently in Spain only 25% of workers have a FP degree, so it is necessary that the graduates double in the coming years. A good opportunity for those who are just starting out.


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On December 16, 2021, the Organic Law on the Organization and Integration of Vocational Training. Its main objectives are to unify the Vocational Training of students with that intended for workers and promote dual training. Paid internships in companies have also been approved.

Our colleague Oscar F. Civieta has been looking at various job demand reports on Business Insider, and has compiled the FP titles with the most job opportunities in 2022.

According to the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training itself, it is expected that these qualifications remain in demand until at least 2030, so they are a good long-term bet.

10 VET titles with the highest demand for employment in 2022

  • Administration and management
  • Electricity and electronic
  • Instalation and maintenance
  • Mechanical manufacturing
  • IT and Communications
  • Trade and Marketing
  • Transportation and Vehicle Maintenance
  • Hostel and Tourism
  • Health
  • Sustainability and renewable energies
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As we can see, the most requested Vocational Training qualification is that of Administration and managementbut those linked to electronics and maintenance, computing, manufacturing, hospitality and health.

Among the new fields, the degree of Sustainability and renewable energiesnow that we start to replace fuels with electricity, solar energy or wind energy, it will be in great demand.

Business Insider also references a Bank of Spain report that includes the greatest imbalance between supply and demand, that is, FP titles highly sought after by companies, because there are few graduates.

In mid-PF, it occurs in Transportation and Vehicle Maintenance, and Health. In higher FP, in Information Technology and Communications, Chemistry, Energy and Water, and Commerce and Marketing.

All these qualifications will have a high demand for employment, because there are not enough graduates.

If you still haven’t decided what to study, here are a few ideas…

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