Tuesday, September 27

These are the funniest and most real ‘Be Real’ of the anti-Instagram app

The new social network ‘Be Real’, an application created to end the posture of its antonym, Instagram, has gradually managed to join the ‘top’ of most downloaded applications in recent days. Also, this week it became the most downloaded social networking app in the App Store and the sixth in Google Play.

In ‘Be Real’ each day only one photograph is published, and you can take this when the notification “It’s time for ‘Be Real'” arrives. And once you arrive each user has two minutes to take the photo on time (if not listed as a late ‘Be Real’). It is the perfect app for unforeseen events and it is designed to end the posturing of other social networks. But this last action is somewhat more complicated to eliminate.

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Several users share their ‘Be Real’ on other social networks like Instagram or Twitter. And there are several occasions that snapshots are not wasted.

The Twitter account @bestbereals Collect some of these funny moments:

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