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these are the ideas of Giorgia Meloni

She is the woman whose name has been on everyone’s lips for days, even before the elections. When the polls tilted the demographic balance in favor of Giorgia Meloni (Rome, 1977), many shouted to heaven, and others rubbed their hands together. The Italian aspires to be the next prime minister of her country, after the resounding victory of the conservative formations: they achieved 43% of the votes, compared to 27.6% of the left. One in four Italians opted for Brothers of Italy, Meloni’s party, but what does he propose?

The name of this former Berlusconi minister began to sound loud during the pandemic. The Brussels guidelines, confinements and restrictions put many citizens on a war footing in one of the countries hardest hit by the coronavirus in Europe, and they found an ally in Meloni. In Spain we got to know her better this summer, when she participated in a Macarena Olona rally prior to the Andalusian elections, where she provoked as much applause in that venue as rejection outside of it.

Against lobbies, Islam and even Greta Thunberg

The winner of the Italian elections this past Sunday summarized in that speech the main guidelines of her program: “Either you say yes or you say no. Yes to the natural family, no to LGBT lobbies; yes to sexual identity, no to gender ideology; yes to the culture of life, no to the abyss of death; yes to the universality of the cross, no to Islamist violence; yes to secure borders, no to mass immigration; yes to the work of our citizens, no to big international finance; yes to the sovereignty of the peoples, no to the bureaucrats in Brussels; and yes to our civilization, and no to those who want to destroy it », he exclaimed loudly from that podium, to end Olona, ​​Abascal, Spain, Italy and « the Europe of the patriots » with ‘long live’.

However, one of the points that conservative voters have criticized the most is that, despite her opposition to what she calls the “culture of death”, the candidate has assured that does not intend to touch the Abortion Law. Now, with a parliamentary majority in hand, it will be seen to what extent he keeps his word.

A close relationship with Vox

Meloni says she opposes “ethnic violence”, socialist ideas and even Greta Thunberg. In short, he fights against everything that fits into what Vox usually calls the “progressive consensus”, something that many directly relate to the 2030 Agenda. Not in vain, his relationship with Santiago Abascal is very close: “I am united by a deep esteem and friendshipis a person from whom I have been able to appreciate the absolute loyalty and clarity of positions, in this we are equal, “he recently explained in an interview with ABC.

«With Vox we have a solid collaboration and a platform of common values»

“With Vox we have a solid collaboration, a platform of common values ​​and also, like them, we receive the absurd criticism of the ‘mainstream’ press that portrays us as monsters,” he said in said conversation. The Spanish formation, in fact, has celebrated in the last hours the success of Meloni in the elections this Sunday.

He condemned fascism and the Mussolini regime

Aware of his favoritism in the polls, he decided during the campaign to moderate his tone, to attract more skeptical voters, a formula that almost worked this year for Marine Le Pen, who could be considered his French counterpart.

The candidate of the Brothers of Italy explicitly and bluntly condemned fascism and Mussolini’s regimewith which the most critical insist on comparing it: “The Italian right has relegated fascism to history for decades, unambiguously condemning the suppression of democracy and the shameful laws against the Jews,” he said.

Against post-pandemic Europe

The success of Giorgia Meloni drinks from the discontent that drowns the West. Thus, her program has focused on social issues, promising security against the migratory issue, stability against the economic crisis and tax cuts. The president of the Brothers of Italy has been skilful enough to embody the face of anger against post-pandemic Europe, the one represented by the 2030 Agenda and Brussels policies in the context of Covid.

Still, far from wanting to appear extremist, he has supported NATO with regard to war in ukraine, and also the sanctions on Russia. His criticism of Vladimir Putin has been forceful and harsh, unlike Berlusconi’s comments.

In addition, he proposes a reform of the State so that the President of the Republic is elected directly by Italians, something that has opened a debate in the country, in which the left opposes change.

Confrontation with a homosexual activist

Meloni has been in the eye of the hurricane for oppose homosexual couples being able to adopt. He defends that he is not homophobic, but rather believes that each child should have a father and a mother, and gives his own case for example; her father abandoned her when she was a child, and she grew up in a single-parent family: «I can’t say that she wasn’t happy [durante la infancia], but did I miss a father? Yes, I can’t deny it. If I say this, do I take anything away from my mother’s unconditional love? Nope”.

The controversy arose when, during an electoral act, a young activist took the stage with a rainbow flag in his hand. Meloni decided to talk to him in a good tone: «I also think that we are all the same and I think that everyone has the right to love whoever they want, and that the state should mind its own business. Today there are civil unions and in Italy you can officially join whoever you want; I will not propose to take away this right », he pointed out.

The candidate stated that admired the young man’s “courage”: “I always respect the courage of people to stand up for what they believe in and at the same time claim my right to think differently.”

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