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These are the jobs with the best salaries in Spain: the kingdom of the technology sector

Among the jobs with the best pay in Spain, more and more ICT jobs are slipping in. Although in our country the salaries of professionals such as dentists or real estate agents continue to be important, others such as system architects or software engineers are increasing more and more, according to data from employment portals such as Infojobs, LinkedIn or the web for Glassdoor professionals.

Embedded software engineer. These professionals are placed at the top of the list of best salaries in the InfoJobs-Esade 2021 report on the State of the Labor Market, with an average gross salary of 53,074 euros gross per year. For this same profile, Glassdoor estimates that the average salary in our country is somewhat lower, at 43,081 euros.

General secretary. In the list of better paid profiles, management positions could not be missing. In the case of general secretaries, that is, top leaders of some companies and associations, Infojobs points out that the average annual salary of these executives in Spain would be 49,715 euros per year. Glassdoor, on the other hand, considerably raises that figure to 83,798 euros.

ICT Business Analyst. ICT business analysts are the third best paid in Spain according to Infojobs, with a gross annual salary of 47,156 euros. In this case, Glassdoor also lowers the average and places the average salary of these professionals at 36,737 euros per year.

real estate agents. For real estate agents, the gross compensation figures offered by both Infojobs and Glassdoor are very similar: 45,665 euros gross per year for the former, and 51,169 euros per year for the latter. Here the counterpoint is offered by LinkedIn, whose salary search engine, LinkedIn Salary, shows that these professionals earn 1,150 euros per month, or what is the same, 13,800 euros per year.

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The huge discrepancy between the data for the former and the latter is due to the fact that LinkedIn only takes into account the base salary of real estate agents, who obtain most of their profits from sales commissions. A money that both Infojobs and Glassdoor do reflect in their salary calculation.

systems architect. In this case the figures are also quite similar. From Infojobs they assure that the average salary of these professionals is 45,560 euros per year, while on Glassdoor they explain that it would be 48,085 euros per year. LinkedIn has no data on this.

CFO. In the case of this executive, Infojobs estimates his average salary at 44,558 euros gross per year, LinkedIn raises the figure to 55,000 euros per year on average and Glassdoor reduces it to 33,133. The differences, in this case, may be due to the fact that it is a position that exists in many companies of very different sizes, and even in public organizations, so the pay discrepancy between them is important.

Thus, depending on the professionals that each company has taken as a reference for its sample, the final average figure may vary considerably.

Software architect. With the software architects, the figures of the three portals are again quite even. LinkedIn estimates the average base salary of these professionals at 44,000 euros per year, while Glassdoor indicates that their average remuneration would be 45,363 euros gross per year and Infojobs 43,490 euros gross per year.

branch manager. One more executive position that slips between technological profiles that are not management. In this case, Infojobs points out that branch managers in Spain have salaries of 42,595 euros gross, on average, per year, while Glassdoor raises that remuneration to 51,756 euros per year.

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Director of operations. This manager earns on average, according to Infojobs, 42,595 euros per year, while LinkedIn indicates that his average annual salary is 50,000 euros.

The salary of the Spaniards is worth less and less (and the inflationary spiral predicts a worse future)

Dentist. Dentists also sneak into the list of best paid professionals in Spain. According to Infojobs, their average annual salary stands at 42,174 euros, Glassdoor ensures that it reaches up to 55,467 euros per year and LinkedIn reduces that figure to 24,000 euros of annual base salary.

Limitations of the studies. The information provided by these reports is indicative, and proof of this is that in some professions the calculated average salary varies substantially from one platform to another. In any case, the reliability of the data from these platforms suggests that the remuneration of the jobs indicated should be within the indicated salary range. And that, therefore, these jobs are among the best paid in Spain.

It should also be borne in mind that Infojobs and LinkedIn collect salary data from their respective platforms, so the amounts provided would only reflect the entry salary collected in the job offers. Likewise, it must be taken into account that there are jobs that are not published, as a general rule, on platforms of this type and that may have higher salaries than those indicated above.

Inequality in the technology sector. The data reflected above speak of the good state of the labor market in the technology sector, especially in certain positions. Despite this, the data from the National Institute of Statistics show that there are strong inequalities in this area, since the ICT positions with the highest average salaries start from salaries above 45,000 euros gross per year on average, a figure that can easily be scale in the case of professionals with more experience, but the average of all information and communications jobs is 33,000 euros gross per year, according to the state statistics agency.

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Other more traditional sectors continue to exceed, by far, the average salary of the technology sector. Thus, professions related to water supply, sanitation, waste management and decontamination have average salaries of 50,000 euros gross per year, and jobs in financial activities and insurance of 45,000 euros gross per year. Likewise, civil servants and health professionals have very similar average annual salaries.

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