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These are the main differences between Google Maps and Waze

The two most successful free browsers out there right now for our smartphones are, without a doubt, Google Maps and Waze. Despite both belonging to Google and having many similarities, it is true that they have very clear differences between them.

Maps is a product that came from the thinking minds of Google and has become a reference in terms of how a professional GPS navigator should be. Many of the additions or options that this software has established have later appeared in the competition, showing that, in many cases, Maps is the one that leads the way.

By contrast, Waze is software that Google bought in 2013 for around $1 billion. What seems to us to be a success is that from Mountain View they continued with the original project, without modifying its essence, since it was what made it successful.

And it is that Waze we could say that it is the most capable fun browser today. In addition, it is a software very oriented towards what social networks are and where this mix between a guidance program and a social network to share information with other users is manifested.

This desire to share information is also shared by Google Maps, but everything is done from a more professional perspective, while Waze is informal.

Although both browsers were created with different concepts, the truth is that they are much more alike than we might initially expect and anyone who has used both apps will have instantly noticed.

Their main differences

If their similarities are noticed almost immediately, while their differences are also evident in many cases, going a little more unnoticed in others.

These differences seem extremely positive to us, since Google has succeeded in letting each one take their own path and have their own personality.

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Different way of understanding navigation

The main difference is something that we have already given you a brushstroke lines above and it is nothing other than the approach that each of the two apps follows.

Google Maps aims to be the professionalism made navigatorwith a lot of options, possibilities, information and interaction between the different users.

Rather, Waze is a lighthearted software which aims to provide information to the user, but in a fun way and, above all, very oriented towards the concept of a social network.

In this case, the fundamental difference is that Google Maps has much more information and is much more complete when it comes to the user getting data, not only about what they are looking for, but they can also receive considerations from the referring app. to the area where it is.

Waze also reports, but with less capacity, although it tries to supply it with a interaction with users type social network and a way to deal with all navigation issues in a casual way.

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The interface differs in both cases

We can say that the concept of each application is still present in everything related to the interface of one and the other.

The interface of Google Maps is inside material design and it is included in the design that the North American company grants to all its applications.

In addition, it is a serious, well-cared interface where we can manage all the amount of information that Maps delights us with.

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For its part, Waze has an interface where much less information is included and where the casual and somewhat childish design in some parts, something that is an important part of their success. Above all, we are talking about an application that everyone understands at first glance and without having to get used to it, quite a merit.

We can say that Maps is a purely Google application, while Waze is more like what we have seen in the usual browsers, that is, a lot of color and many drawings.

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The routes are the same, but different

Starting from the basis that both applications allow us to modify the parameters of the routes, initially the way in which they are configured is different.

If we don’t change it, Waze always find the fastest route, taking into account the traffic, but leaving the decision to change the route to the user. In other words, if we are on the road and it detects a retention zone or slow traffic, Waze warns the driver and offers an alternative route, but it is the user who must decide.

In the case of Maps, the routes are calculated taking into account many parameters such as traffic, safety and ecology, making all that union result in the route that marks us.

If, for example, there is a traffic jam on the route, it will automatically no longer divert onto another road to continue our journey.

With this we want to emphasize the fact that Waze left to the user to decide and in Maps it does automatically so as not to disturb the driver and to follow the route normally. We are not going to judge which system is better, since we are talking about something very subjective.

In any case, and also as a fact to take into account, Waze is usually faster when it comes to identifying a traffic jam or incident on the road, despite the fact that both use the same maps and services, although with a small nuance.

Waze also uses the interaction of its users, who are very active and who also mark what happens on the road to inform other users of the app. The fact of being a GPS navigator through a social network has as a consequence this collaboration, which, however, does not occur in Google Maps.

As you have been able to read, both Google Maps and Waze are apps from the same owner, but fortunately they travel different paths in many facets, joining others.

From here it is the taste of each one that will mark which of the two is our chosen one. If we want more professionalism and information, we will opt for Maps, but if what we are looking for is a GPS more like always, with a fun touch and a very social interaction, then we should not hesitate and use Waze.

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