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These are the most influential women in the history of technology

These are some of the most influential women in the world of technology with advances that have shaped our current society.

Women have made massive and important contributions to technology in the past, present and certainly the future, with a number of historical inventions or ideas.

That is why we want to highlight some of the most influential women and show you how their contributions to the world of technology have changed many of our things.

Surely there are many more influential women in the technological world than we offer below, but the following are possibly the best known and have already gone down in history for their achievements.

These are the most influential women in the history of technology

Ada Lovelace

Maybe if we tell you the name of Ada Lovelace, it won’t tell you much, but she was the creator of the first computer algorithm. Obviously you may not remember because she left her mark in the middle of the 19th century.

Specifically, in 1833 she met Charles Babbage who had already created one of the first computing machines, so Ada translated one of Charles’s lectures into English and in her notes included an algorithm that allowed Charles’s engine to calculate the numbers of Bernoulli, thus resulting in the first time a computer algorithm has been published.

annie eastley

She is famous for working with NASA and also within the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics that preceded NASA itself.

One of his best known achievements is his work on the Centaurus project which is helping to make much space travel possible.

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However, his work also contributed to the Cassini wave of 1997 and he also studied battery-powered vehicles long ago, before companies like Tesla existed.

Hedy Lamarr

And it is that Lamarr along with another inventor named George Antheil were able to develop a radio-based torpedo guidance system that was immune to interference, but this was done through a patent that ultimately expired without being used. However this technology was eventually used in many of our essential technologies today including Wi-Fi and GPS.

Susan Wojcicki

One of the best known for becoming the executive director of YouTube itself. She, yes, she was first vice president of Google, one of the company’s first employees, and later became the director of YouTube in 2014.

Radio Perlman

His work has had a great impact in the field of technology, specifically, in the networks that move data and organize themselves. His most notable creation is the STP protocol, a set of network design rules that have helped improve the Internet.

Karen Spark Jones

A self-taught computer programmer with notable contributions to the world of technology who primarily focuses on inverse document frequency and index term weighting, concepts that have helped create today’s modern search engines.

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