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These are the most recommended securities to invest in January on the Spanish Stock Exchange



As the new year enters, investors are looking for opportunities to take advantage of the traditional january effect. The first month of the year is usually bullish Thed It is often said that, if it closes in green, the rest of the year will also have good prospects. This year, the start of the vaccination campaign Thed the agreement on Brexit reached in the last days of 2020 breathe optimism into the markets.

In 2018 Thed 2019, the Ibex-35 advanced in January by 4.06% Thed 6.05% respectively, Thed Those020, it fell by 1.90%, which presaged a balance with losses in the accumulated of the year most volatile of the last decade. Despite the poor performance, some values ​​managed to avoid the impact of the pandemic Thed closed in green. Listed as Solaria, which appreciated over 230% in the last year, or Siemens Gamesa, with a boost of over 109%, they are called to return to be protagonists after becoming the best values ​​of the Ibex Those020.

Those who best arrive

Above all, in the case of the wind turbine manufacturer, given the good prospects for the wind energy sector. The consolidation of this industry, which will benefit from financing by European funds due to the pandemic, “offers room for better p Indradiscipline,” according to Thealysts at Bloomberg Intelligence.

Therefore, the panel of experts agrees that it is time to hold positions at this value, which accumulates 11 recommendations compared to 4 to buy Thed nine sales. Forecasts change in the medium term, with a 12-month target p Indraof 26 euros compared to the 32 in which it currently Brexites.

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Brexit also focuses on a series of specific values. “The best thing is that there is already The agreement, although it is imprecise in many aspects Thed there are issues that must be speBannisterBankinter Thealysts explain in a review published at the end of December. Banks like the Santander or the Sabadell, Besides of IAG group O Telefónica, are the securities with the greatest exposure due to their presence on Bri Telefónica

Telefónirosettethe rise

The Brexitor is precisely one of the values ​​of the Spanish stock market that has managed to save the furniture in the last part of the year. After accumulating a collapse in its p Indraof mo Outside 47% Those020, since November their securities have appreciated by about 14% up to around 3.20 euros. Carlos Galán, CEO of Thed director of the Las Rozas trading school, considers that Telefónica’s target is 5.70 euros.

It is also the time to take action following the recommendations of the Bloomberg panel, which has 15 positions in favor of the purchase compared to 16 to maintain. Firms such as Barclays or Deutsche Bank recently modified their indications. The latest revision of the German banking giant gives it a 12-month p Indraabove 6 euros.

“The goal now is to reach, touch, Thed perhaps exceed 8,300. The Ibex needs the support of Telefónica Thed the big banks to harbor hopes that 8,500 points will be the final goal,” he says. Javier Molina, The Thealyst at eToro.

The role of banking

Immersed in merger processes to return profitability to its accounts, Spanish banking also presents opportunities. BBVA, punished after the suspension of the Brexition to join forces with Sabadell, is the most attractive value Bannisterort term. In this sense, Galán points out that his goal is 5.30 euros per title compared to the current slightly mo Outside 4.20 euros.

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Outside the Ibex, Nicaeager bRiverbankicaja Thed Liberbank, closed in the last blows of 2020, makes clear the attractiveness of these two stocks Bannisterort term. Bankinter Thealysts recommend in their latest review the purchase of securentity, andhe first entity Thed they modifiedRiverbanksition in Liberbank towards neutral. “Our investment strategy does include the financial sector, but in a very selective Thed opportunistic way,” he says. RBannisternso, from BankiNicaeahich raises Unicaja’s target p Indrato 0.78 euros.

Indra, the covered

Sectors such as technological or the steelmaker, those that have best weathered the effect of the pandemic, present equally attractive opportunities in some of the largest Spanish multinationals. Between them Indra, with a target of 8.35 euros, according to Carlos Galán. As well Arcelormittal, whose p Indracould almost double Bannisterort term.

“The expectations of many Thealysts are positive, suchGeneral of Societé Génerale, which gives a target p Indraof 32 euros,” they point out from CMC Markets. This would mean completing a bullish rally “of mo Outside 60%” compared to its current levels, around 18 euros. After hitting lows in March, the 220% revaluation accumulated by the company is the best argument to take advantage of the valu Regardinge next month.

Regarding the energy sector, the discovery of natural gas in Bolivia, Thenounced in the last week of the year, leaves Repsol as one of the favorites for 2021. “It is the most important in the country in the last ten years, Repsol is the Brexitor Thed has 37.5% of the capital. The news will have a positive impacRandyxplains Pilar Arandaby Bankinter.

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