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These are the most sought after car colors by Spanish drivers

These are the most sought after car colors by Spanish drivers

These are the most sought after car colors by Spanish drivers

It has always been believed that the favorite colors of Spanish drivers have been black and white. Just look at the street to see dozens of models of both colors. However, a study of Unoauto, the Sumauto new vehicle automotive portal, reveals that currently when Spaniards want to buy a new car, they opt less and less for those two colors so associated with the taxi (white) and the VTC (black). It’s more, now the color that monopolizes one of every four searches is gray, the intermediate color between white and black.

Specific, the color gray has grown by almost 10 quota points in the last five years, going from 16% to the current 25%. The gray color is very common in family cars and minivans, as well as in SUVs and saloons, although to a lesser extent.

Regarding the White color, the study reveals that it matches with gray after registering another 25% of the fee. However, five years ago, this option was 29% of car searches. In fact, white has been the favorite color of the Spanish for many years, since it is neutral, does not tire and reflects better sunlight. For its part, black has gone from 14% to 12%, concentrating its demand in particular and less frequent segments such as convertibles or sports cars. Currently, black is a less chosen alternative to red and blue hues in small cars.

If we look at the rest of the colors available in the Spanish market, we see that the blue begins to rebound and reaches a 12% share, same as black color. However, when talking about the color blue it is important to differentiate it in its different shades: dark blue is more common in saloons or family vehicles, while light blue or “electric” blue are more common in SUVs.

The least sought-after colors by the Spanish

Silver and red are the colors least chosen by Spanish drivers, with 9% and 5%, respectively. Although silver is often confused with gray, it really is a shade that falls between this color and white. Silver was very fashionable in the 90s, but today it has lost a lot of traction among drivers.

In the case of Red, it is very difficult that one day it will become the color most chosen by drivers, since neutral colors are the most widely accepted and the color red is more daring.

In the words of Ignacio Garcia Roj√≠, Unoauto spokesperson: “Although the striking colors are, at the moment of truth, in the purchase, quite residual, it is not strange to see in the model launches some really out of the ordinary, even two-colored, which are the nightmare In reality, there is a lot of marketing and psychology behind it, and that is that an attractive or garish color seen on the street is a great advertisement for the model, although later in the dealership we become more conservative and there are shades that we do not want to see. nor in paint “.

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