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These are the polling stations for the elections to the countryside

Archive image of the previous elections to the countryside, held in 2017. / TODAY

The DOE of this Wednesday has announced the location and location of the tables for the elections that will be held on May 8 in Extremadura


The Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development, Population and Territory of the Junta de Extremadura has published in the Official Gazette of Extremadura (DOE), the agreement of the Central Commission of the electoral procedure for the determination of the representativeness of professional agricultural organizations in Extremadura , which provides for the publication of the definitive list, location and location of the polling stations for the elections on May 8.

The electoral procedure for determining the representativeness of the professional agrarian organizations began on March 12, and later, on the 18th, the list of the electoral tables and their location was published, enabling a deadline for the presentation of claims.

After the meeting of the Central Commission held this past Tuesday, today Wednesday the agreement has been made public, publicizing the list of tables in the two annexes that the DOE collects, one corresponding to the list of the province of Badajoz and the other to the of Caceres.

In the end, there have been five agricultural professional organizations that have been admitted: Union of Small Farmers and Ranchers – Union of Extremeños Farmers, with the acronym «UPA-UCE Extremadura»; Agrarian Coordinator of Extremadura, with the acronym “Agrarian Coordinator”, the COAG; Union of Farmers and Ranchers of Extremadura, with the acronym “La Unión”; the coalition formed by the Professional Association of Farmers and Stockbreeders of Extremadura, Young Farmers and Stockbreeders, and the Professional Association of Farmers and Stockbreeders – Agricultural Association of Young Farmers of Cáceres, with the acronym “Asaja” and, finally, the new association Aequum Agrum , with the acronym “AA”.

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When will the field elections be?

Thus, five years after the last rural elections held in 2017, on May 8 -fifty-seven calendar days from the start date of the electoral procedure- the renewal and election of the people will be voted on. elected members who will form part of the new Agrarian Advisory Council of Extremadura, according to the provisions of Law 6/2015, of March 24.

In accordance with the provisions of article 306 of Law 6/2015 of March 24, the Agrarian Law of Extremadura, the constituency to hold the electoral procedure will be unique.

Regarding the legal regime related to the right to vote, the regularization of voting by mail, the scrutiny of the votes, results, as well as the allocation of positions and all those issues that have a direct or indirect impact on the electoral process, it will be applied Organic Law 5/1985, of June 19, on the General Electoral Regime, and the regulations that develop it.

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