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These are the reasons why the battery of your Apple Watch lasts so little

It is possible that the Apple Watch that you have on your wrist does not offer the autonomy for which it was designed and the culprits of this are several situations that we are going to relate.

Smart watches are accessories that have spread over the last few years and this makes them quite popular. By having smart features dedicated to measuring physical activity as well as sleep management, the battery of these devices is not usually the largest or the one that offers the greatest autonomy.

Normally the autonomy announced by the manufacturer is usually sufficient to achieve general use throughout the day, but if after the passage of time this battery suffers, it is that there is something that is not working quite well. The problem can be physical with the battery module itself, software or use.

In the case of being a physical problem, this can be seen if the device has faults such as turning off without warning or, in the most extreme cases, the battery swells until moving the chassis of the smart watch. If your Apple Watch presents any of these problems, it is best to take it to an Apple store.

Leaving aside the physical problems both normal and extreme, If the Apple Watch offers poor autonomy, the problem may be in the software and the configuration of the device itself.. We’ve done some research to find out what’s causing this to happen on your Apple smartwatch.

Although the Apple Watch is designed to work almost independently of the iPhone, you need to be connected to the Apple smartphone to be able to show the notifications that arrive from applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram. If you see that it begins to consume a lot of battery, it is best to pair the mobile device again.

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And, it is that, sometimes the connection between the two does not end up being correct and linking both devices can solve the battery drain. Besides, It’s always a good idea to have the iPhone’s Bluetooth turned on so the Apple Watch isn’t constantly searching for a device. with which to connect.

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Device updates usually arrive with news and improvements, but in some cases this is not the case. If your Apple Watch begins to drain the battery excessively and there is an update pending, it is best to update the version of the devicealthough always checking that it integrates improvements in autonomy.

Of course, in the event that the device is working perfectly and a device update notification appears, caution is better. And, it is that, the update may worsen the performance. So it is recommended to wait for other users to try the update and read their experience.

Although it may not seem like it, atmospheric conditions cause the device to not work as it should. If it is very hot or very cold, the battery is affected and its performance worsens. In these cases there is not much to do since it depends on the geographical area in which each one lives. Reviewing all these situations you will be able to find the problem of your Apple Watch.

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