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These are the requirements to collect the subsidy for those over 52 years of age

The State Public Employment Service (SEPE) has informed through its website of the terms that must be fulfilled to collect the allowance for people over 52 years of age. People who receive the benefit for over 52 years old must comply with a requirement every year to be able to continue collecting this subsidy that supposes an aid very important to many families. It is for this reason that periodically the SEPE remember the need to do this Procedure, since it is one of the requirements main to collect the allowance for over 52s.

The allowance for over 52s It is a benefit that can be accessed by people who, having reached that age, no longer have the right to collect unemployment, receive the contributory benefit for unemployment neither him extraordinary allowance for unemployment for having exhausted them. Also, it is important to know that this subsidy contributes towards retirement and that can be collected until retirement age. The amount of the aid in 2021 is € 451 per month and the aid is always received in full, without reductions for partiality.

To be able to collect the subsidy for people over 52 years of age, the interested persons have to fulfill a series of requirements apart from age. The requirements to collect the subsidy for those over 52 years of age are the following:

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  1. Be in a situation of unemployment.

  2. Be registered as a job seeker at least one month before applying for the subsidy and not having rejected during that month any suitable placement offer, nor having refused to participate, except for just cause, in promotion, training or professional retraining actions.
  3. Not having the status of a permanent discontinuous worker.
  4. Be 52 years of age or older on the date the eligibility requirements are met for being in any of the following assumptions. If, on the date you are in any of these cases, you have not reached the age of 52 but from that date you have remained registered or registered without interruption as a jobseeker in the public employment services, you may request the subsidy when you reach that age, Unless he has been a beneficiary of protection for cessation of activity or unemployment benefit for eventual agricultural workers, or has extinguished the last right to recognized unemployment protection by imposing a firm sanction. The requirement of uninterrupted registration will be considered fulfilled when each of the possible interruptions in the registration as a job seeker has had a duration of less than 90 days, not counting the periods that correspond to the performance of an activity on their own or someone else’s account. In the case of the employed person, they will not be able to access the subsidy when the cessation of the last job has been voluntary.
  5. Meet the activity commitment which is included in the application.

  6. Have contributed unemployment benefits for a minimum of 6 years throughout your working life.
  7. Comply with all the requirements to access any type of contributory retirement pension (except age) in the Spanish Social Security system. That is, to have contributed for retirement for 15 years, two of which must be within the last 15 years.

  8. Lack of own income of any nature that in monthly computation is higher than 75% of minimum interprofessional wage, excluding the proportional part of two extraordinary payments. With the new SMI, the rent cap is 723.75 euros per month.
  9. The quotes made in other countries are taken into account to receive this subsidy only if they have been made in countries belonging to the European Economic Area or with which there is an agreement to total periods for unemployment protection, whether the periods are after entry into validity of the agreements, as if they are previous.

  10. You must meet the requirements at the time of the event causing the event and also, when you apply for the subsidy, the resumption, at the time of filing the annual income statement and for as long as you receive the subsidy. The date of the causal event is considered to be the one on which the one-month waiting period expires, or the legal situation of unemployment occurs, or the cause that would have caused the suspension of said subsidy ends.

  11. Be included in any of the following assumptions:
  12. Be receiving or have the right to receive a subsidy.

  13. Having exhausted contributory benefit or unemployment benefit (including RAI).

  14. Be an emigrant who has returned to Spain (must have worked at least 12 months abroad, in countries not belonging to the European Union or the European Economic Area, since your last departure from Spain) and not have the right to contributory unemployment benefit.

  15. To be released from prison without the right to contributory unemployment benefit, when the deprivation of liberty has been for a period of more than 6 months.

  16. Having been declared fully capable or a person with partial disability as a result of a review file for improvement of a situation of great disability, absolute or total disability for the usual profession.

  17. Being in a legal situation of unemployment and not having the right to contributory unemployment benefit due to not having covered the minimum contribution period (12 months), provided that they have contributed at least 3 months.

The requirement that must be met each year to continue receiving the subsidy for those over 52 years of age

The over 52 years old who wish to continue charging the subsidy must deliver a document to SEPE every year. It’s about the income statement, Through which the administration will verify that the income requirement is still being met. If this requirement is still met, they will continue to collect the 451.92 euros corresponding to this benefit for one more year. In the event that it is detected that the income is greater than 723.75 euros per month, the person will stop charging the subsidy by not fulfilling the indispensable requirement.

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