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These are the tanks full of weapons that Putin has deployed in Ukraine

The invasion in Ukraine does not advance at the pace that the president wants Russia, Vladimir Putin. In more than 90 days of warthe Russian army dominates the donbas region and this Tuesday took control of the port city of Mariupol after a long and bloody siege of 82 days. However, the Ukrainian troops resist the offensive in the rest of the country. The Kremlin has also suffered considerable losses: at least eight important military leaders have died in Ukraine since the start of the war, in addition to dozens of lower ranks. To make matters worse, Putin had to admit the sinking of the ‘Moscow‘, Russia’s flagship in the Black Sea.

However, Putin is not giving up and in the last few hours he has deployed the tankterminator‘, as it did with the ‘Kinzhal’ hypersonic missiles. Experts say that Russia has only manufactured a dozen given its complexity and cost. Its name alludes to the saga of homonymous films because it is full of weaponslike the T-800 killer ‘cyborg’ he embodied arnold schwarzenegger.

Specific for wars in urban environments

The technical name of the tank is more modest: BMPT-72, but its characteristics are not so: it is a combat vehicle heavy on tracks that does not have a direct equivalent in West. It was specially designed to meet the needs of the Russian Army in the urban wars counterinsurgency based on the experience gained in the afghanistan war and the first chechen war.

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Weighing 44 tons, 7.2 meters long and 3.59 meters wide, the ‘Terminators’ are armored battle tanks, similar in appearance to a large tank. They are equipped with a powerful remote control combat module that incorporates two 30 millimeter autocannons, grenade launchers AGS-17, guided missiles antitank Ataka-T and one machine gun 7.62 millimeter PKTM.

short range attacks

The BMPT-72’s armament has also been selected to suit a urban environmentfocusing especially on suppression firepower of short range against hard-to-reach targets, including the installation of cannons that can be raised to hit targets on top of buildings. Additionally, this ama can also provide supplemental fire support to existing main battle tanks.

The ‘Terminator 2’: unprecedented

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Russia has already designed an improved version of ‘Terminator’ and it is ‘Terminator 2’ or BMPT-72. In addition to reinforcing protection capabilities, its firepower is unprecedented. The tank turret is equipped with two automatic cannons 30-millimeter ‘Spunov’ 2A42 that can fire high explosive projectiles. Also has stabilized projectiles tail piercing, antipersonnel projectiles Y tracer projectiles armor-piercing, which can penetrate to a distance of 1,500 meters.

On either side of the turret are two sets of 9M120 ‘Charge-T’ anti-tank missiles, which can pierce most of the world’s tank armor and various bunkers. With these weapons, the BMPT-72 can be called a “storm” in terms of firepower, which is why weapons experts call it a “harvester of death”.

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