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These are the two best artisan ‘panettones’ in Spain

The pieces by Yan Duytsche, by Dolç, and Rafa Aguilera, by Cal Jan, winners of the Best Artisan Panettone in Spain 2021 contest.

The pastry chefs Yan Duytsche and Rafael Aguilera almost 70 participants have been imposed this Tuesday in the sixth edition of the contest Best Artisan Panettone of Spain 2021, organized by the Barcelona Gremio Pastry School (EPGB).

The bakery Sweet by Yann Duytshche, from Sant Cugat del Vallès (Barcelona) has won in the category of classic ‘panettone’ (fruit). Duytsche, who already triumphed in the first edition of the contest, in 2016, was trained at the Hôtelière du Touquet-Paris Plage School but where he learned the most was at Moulin de Mougins (three Michelin stars), from chef Roger Vergé, where he was second of pastry. He also worked in Baixas (Barcelona) and the establishment of Daniel Giraud, elected Best Factory in France. In 2006 he opened his own business, Dolç, where he practices signature pastry, with his own recipes and always artisan preparations.

Cal Jan, with establishments in Torredembarra and the market of Tarragona, has been imposed in the category of chocolate. They are led by two young pastry chefs, Rafael Aguilera and Magí Rovira, trained at the Hoffman Pastry School and with experience alongside professionals such as Toni Viñas, Jordi Bordas, Josep Maria Rodríguez and Eugeni Muñoz. They make modern, signature pastry, and one of their differentiating points is their creative individual cakes.

Taste, smell, crumb and shape

In the final of the contest, which has been held in Gastronomic Forum Barcelona, a The jury made up of renowned professionals from the sector such as Iban Yarza, Lot Roca and the Italians Giuseppe Piffaretti and Giambatista Montanari have assessed the taste, smell, crumb structure and shape., Inter alia.

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Participants in the ‘classic’ category had to deliver two artisan fruit ‘panettones’ (lemon or cedar, orange and raisins) of their own making, with icing sugar crown and weighing between 1,050 and 1,150 grams. In the ‘chocolate’ category, they had to present dark or milk chocolate ‘panettones’ (minimum 40% cocoa) and also weighing between 1,050 and 1,150 grams.

The winners obtain the award to the establishment with the Best Artisan Panettone of Spain 2021, 1.000 euros and the possibility of compete in the 2022 ‘Panettone’ World Cup. Both join the winners in past editions, in which only the best fruit ‘panettone’ was awarded: Xocosave (2020), Cloudstreet (2019), Ochiai (2018), Oriol Balaguer (2017) and Dolç par Yann Duytshche (2016).

‘Boom’ in recent years

This dessert has experienced an authentic ‘boom’ in recent years In our country. A sweet of Milanese origin and with several legends about its origin, such as the one that claims that it was born in the mansion of a Duke of Milan in the 15th century when, by accident, the cook’s desserts were burned and one of the servants, from named Toni, she made a sweet bread with eggs, flour, butter, citrus fruits and grapes. It was so successful that many began to make it under the name “Toni bread”.

The ‘Panettone’ World Cup, November 6 and 7

On November 6 and 7, the pastry chefs Maties Miralles (Forn des Pla de Na Tesa, Mallorca), Adan Sáez (Xocosave, Riudoms) and Tonatiuh Cortés (Cloudstreet, Barcelona) will compete in the ‘Panettone’ World Cup final, which will be held in Lugano (Switzerland). The first will do so in the chocolate category, after competing with pastry shops from all over Europe to obtain a pass to the final. Sáez and Cortés, the last two winners of the contest Best Artisan ‘Panettone’ of Spain, will compete in the classic (fruit) category. The winner will be known on November 7.

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