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These are the university courses affected by the new Castells decree




The Minister of Universities, Manuel Castells, has taken a sharp turn of the wheel and will eliminate three-year university courses through a royal decree.

It is the famous ‘3 + 2’ (three years of career plus two of master’s degrees), implemented by former minister José Ignacio Wert because it is the majority option in Europe, it facilitates integration with the continent and is what the labor market is demanding in neighboring countries. Nevertheless, Castles, turns its back on Europe and eliminates at a stroke those 180-credit degrees (that is, those lasting three years) and replaces them with those of 240 (four years duration).

In Europe the usual thing is that the races last three years because allows you to obtain the title and go to the job market fasterugly. The fact that it is different in Spain – where four years are usual – creates problems when creating joint degrees with foreign universities; for example, it makes it difficult to participate in European university projects.

In addition, differences will be generated between Spaniards with respect to their colleagues from other neighboring countries. Why? «A Spanish student needs, for example, to be a Biologist four years, while a French or Portuguese student is required, for exactly the same title, three years. «Thus, the Spaniard is going to come to a company with one more year of experience, yes, but because it is going to take another year in his own formation. It seems that Castells takes Spanish students for fools, do they need to study more than other European students? And when looking for work, the employer will not ask how old your study plan is, but will limit itself to asking for the title that the Portuguese or French will obtain first. Spaniards suffer a generational delay compared to their European peers ”, explains a former member of the monitoring group of the European Higher Education Area.

The measure affects a total of 24 degrees out of a total of 3,880. Here are some of them.

1 Cinematography: University of Barcelona

2 Artistic Creation for Video Games and Applied Games: University of Barcelona

3 Music and Sound Production for the Entertainment Industry: University of Barcelona

4 Gender Sociocultural Studies: Autonomous University of Barcelona

5 Management of Smart and Sustainable Cities: Autonomous University of Barcelona

6 Design, Animation and Digital Art: Polytechnic University of Catalonia

7 Bioinformatics: Pompeu Fabra University

8 Global Studies / Global Studies: Pompeu Fabra University

9 Digital Design and Creative Technologies: University of Lleida

10 Digital Interaction and Computing Techniques: University of Lleida

11 Food Bioprocess Techniques: Rovira i Virgili University

12 Web and Mobile Application Development Techniques: Rovira i Virgili University

13 Digital Arts: Rovira i Virgili University

14 Digital Business Design and Innovation / Digital Business Design and Innovation: Ramon Llull University

15 Software Application Techniques: Ramon Llull University

16 Digital Interaction and Computing Techniques: Ramon Llull University

17 Digital Design and Creation: Open University of Catalonia

What will happen to the 180 credit degree courses?

The decree indicates that those titles of 180 credits must now have 240 credits. «To develop this procedure, they will have the collaboration and guidance of both the center’s internal quality assurance systems and the corresponding evaluation agency. Likewise, and exceptionally, in the next four years after the entry into force of this regulation -temporality that guarantees that all students who have started these studies could finish them with the duration of their study plan-, the promoting University of an official Bachelor’s degree of 180 credits may proceed to make said modification by means of a re-verification by a specific and fast track».

Regarding the students, the Secretary General of Universities, José Manuel Pingarrón, said that they will not be harmed: “They continue studying the same until they finish their studies,” he says. In other words, “until all the students who enrolled out of 180 have finished, it would continue to be taught. If at the end of all the students the grade is not updated, it would end up being extinguished “, he clarified to ABC

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