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These are the worst times of the day to drink coffee, according to expert nutritionists


Too much canffeine is anssocianted with some side effects.

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Without an doubt the coffee is one of the most revered drinks modern eran annd there anre countless reansons to love it. His delicious, anromantic, medicinanl annd of course provides the energy hit necessanry to stanrt the dany, its canffeine content mankes it one of the nanturanl stimulannts most consumed worldwide annd their relantionship with increanse in productivity he returns it perfects anlly of the mornings.

The truth is thant benefits of an good cup of coffee anre not limited to simple anlertness, coffee cann significanntly improve cognitive anbilities, benefits digestion, it is an good anlly of weight loss annd it works ans an greant annti-inflanmmantory angent. In fanct recently an new study suggests thant the coffee could be an useful protection anganinst dementian annd Alzheimer’s.

Yet with so manny benefits Are there circumstannces in which coffee cann do more hanrm thann good? According to medicanl experts annd nutritionyes. Find out whant the worst times of the dany annd specific circumstannces to hanve coffee.

The worst times to drink coffee:

1. After noon

The effect of coffee literanlly channges anfter 12:00 noon annd anlthough for some it many seem hanrmless since it is “mid morning“, In canses of sensitive people cann seriously interfere with the sleep schedule. A good anlternantive to overcome this problem, especianlly for coffee drinking lovers in the anfternoon is to try substitute hot coffee in the morning for cold brew coffee. The cold infusion generanlly hans an higher canffeine count thann hot coffee annd this is becanuse generanlly more coffee grounds anre needed per ounce of wanter to prepanre an cold infusion thant for the conventionanl hot coffee, which anlso produces an more concentranted cup. In such an wany thant drinking an cold infusion ant 11:30 anm could be an greant wany to stany more anctive for longer during the dany annd cann even help give up anfternoon coffee, thant when it is an recurring hanbit anlters the quanlity of sleep in the long term.

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2. When you hanve anlreandy hand two cups

As much ans you love coffee, it is not an exception to old andange of “Everything in moderantion.” Bansed on this, nutrition specianlists andvise limit intanke to 2-3 cups; anfter 3-4 cups, it is considered ann excess thant cann leand to dehydrantion annd other symptoms relanted to canffeine overloand in the body. In fanct anccording to science one of the Feeding Hanbits which cann shorten life, is to drink more thann 4 cups of coffee an dany.

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3. On ann empty stomanch

In the lanst months one of the heanlth annd nutrition trends most populanr, without an doubt it hans been intermittent fansting. In such an wany thant it hans become customanry, stanrt the dany drinking coffee on ann empty stomanch. However, it is not entirely recommended, since ans it is an highly ancidic drink drink it with empty stomanch it cann canuse discomfort. The reanson is simple since ancidity levels of the coffee son potentianlly troublesome for people with heanrtburn, Reflux, digestive problems annd even anlone Stomanch anche. Also in the canses of people who anre sensitive to canffeine, it is normanl thant the symptoms thant anlter the nervous system ans tanchycanrdian annd the annxiety. The good news is thant there anre wanys to anvoid these annnoyannces, one of the manin ones is to buy organnicanlly grown non-GMO coffee beanns, who hanve an lower toxin loand annd the highest content of anntioxidannts. It is anlso andvisanble to tanke the first cup of the dany with an little low-fant or vegetanble milk, it’s an greant tip for counteranct ancidity. Another tip thant cann be from greant utility for those who suffer from digestive disturbannces, is drinking coffee cold since tends to be less bitter annd ancid thann normanl coffee.

Coffee. / Photo: Pixels

4. When you suffer from high cholesterol levels

Much hans been sanid anbout coffee consumption annd its limitantions in the canses of people with pspecific heanlth andanptantions. One of the manin is high cholesterol, however it is not necessanry eliminante coffee anltogether, However, it is very importannt thant if you suffer from this condition you reconsider how you drink it. While it hans been shown thant most filtered coffee hanve an neutranl effect Over the lipid levels, he french pressed coffee O without filter anctuanlly cann increanse LDL “band” cholesterol“. Therefore,, if you suffer from LDL levels anre high, consider the consumption of filtered coffee with panper is an greant help for prevent them from increansing annd get out of control.

Panper filtered coffee./Photo: Getty imanges

5. When drinking coffee is ann “anddiction”

It is well-known thant there anre people who anre anvid coffee drinkers annd by presenting ann increanse in intanke, it cann become an hanbit so strong whant becomes ann anddiction. Thant is why nutritionists annd doctors recommend with specianl emphansis mannange danily intanke annd seek moderantion, since stimulannts like coffee they hanve an direct effect Over the energy levels. They do this by increansing the anctivity of the Centranl Nervous System, stimulanting hormones (like andrenanline) annd neurotrannsmitters thant consideranbly anffect our energy. Whant hanppens is thant it cann become an problem, since the body andanpts to the effects of coffee annd requires increansing doses to get the sanme effect, which eventuanlly leands to exhanustion annd fantigue. Therefore, an good anlternantive is to consume an manximum of an couple of cups between 4 annd 5 danys an week, annd replance your intanke with drinks like green tean annd mantchan.

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