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These are the Xiaomi spinning bikes that you can buy in Spain

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Xiaomi has a range of spinning bikes that you can buy in Spain under its Yesoul brand. It also has online classes to exercise with more people.

Xiaomi is a complicated company because although it is known worldwide for its mobile phones, it has a large number of products of all kinds. A huge ecosystem that goes beyond its main brand and sub-brands, such as POCO or Redmi.

In addition to its products, Xiaomi collaborates or invests in other companies, such as Yi, which manufactures its light bulbs, Amazfit, which makes its watches and bracelets, or the case of fitness products. Yesoul.

Yesoul is the brand in which Xiaomi invests that has several spinning or stationary bikes to do sports at home.

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It also has a subscription application where you can access spinning classes with instructors to improve your technique and performance.

These are the Xiaomi Yesoul bike models that you can buy in Spain and its prices that are quite competitive considering its value for money.

  1. Yesoul M1
  2. Yesoul S3
  3. Yesoul C1
  4. Yesoul V1

Yesoul M1

Yesoul M1

One of Yesoul’s exercise bike entry models is this model Yesoul M1. And although its price is quite low, it has a very interesting design and is quite stable.

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It has Bluetooth connectivity to be able to see the status of your race from your application and has 100 levels of magnetic resistance available. The seat can be adjusted in 4 points horizontally and another 4 vertically. The handlebar can also be adjusted in height.

It is compatible with competition applications such as Zwift or Tacx and BKOOL. It has a support for tablets and two bottle cages.

Its price is less than 200 euros on Amazon with free shipping.

Yesoul S3

Yesoul S3

Yesoul S3 It is a higher-end bike model that is available directly from Amazon. It can be obtained for 395 euros in black and for 373 euros in white.

It maintains the same 100-level magnetic resistance on its wheel, a 7.5kg inertia. Its design is simpler and more beautiful, like that of a high-end spinning bike. In addition, its transmission system is quieter.

It has support for tablets and seat adjustment both horizontally and vertically. The handlebar can also be adjusted in height. It has a bottle cage in its frame.

Yesoul C1

Yesoul C1

A model above the rest is Yesoul C1. Again repeat with the flywheel with 100 adjustable levels.

The difference compared to other models is more in the design and quality of materials. In this model you will see that it has a quieter transmission belt, it also has a greater adjustment in height of the steering wheel and the saddle.

It also improves its stability and is light, it only weighs 30kg. It also includes better tablet support and maintains Bluetooth connectivity for use with its mobile and tablet app.

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In Spain you can get it for 407 euros at PcComponentes.

Yesoul V1

Yesoul V1

At the top of the characteristics table we have Yesoul V1a spinning bike that, in addition to the bike itself, has two weights to complete exercises online.

It maintains the magnetic wheel with 100 levels of manual adjustment, with a 22 kg flywheel and a design that makes it capable of supporting weights of up to 150 kg.

It maintains the same Bluetooth system to connect it to the mobile application and its design has a magnetic wheel on the back, in addition to having a more elegant design, the steering wheel has two bottle holders and two ways to hold it for different levels of activity.

Its price is the highest and right now you can buy it for 599 euros at PcComponentes.

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