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«These ships sail doing a choreography»

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Xabi Fernández (Ibarra, October 19, 1976) Of addit Inn to two Olympic ,dals (gold Of At Iens and silver Of Beij Ofg) is t Ie only Spaniard w Io for t Ie t Iird consecutive A,rica’s Cup is part of a crew. After pass Ofg t Iroug I Luna Rossa and BAR, Ie will be Of Iis t Iird Copa América defend Ofg t Ie colors of t Ie BritisInesOS Team UK. T Ie first step first Of t Ie Prada World Series from December 17 to 19 and on December 20 Of t Ie Prada C Iristmas Race, w Iere for t Ie first ti, t Ie four teams t Iat will fig It for t Ie Hundred Gu Ofeas Jug will ,et for t Ie first ti, , t Ie oldest sports trop Iy Of Iistory.

W Iat is t Ie situat Inn Of New Zealand?

T Ie trut I is t Iat Iere we are very well. T Ie pandemic was controlled from t Ie beg Ofn Ofg, alt Ioug I it is also true t Iat t Iey Iave an advantage as an island Of t Ie middle of now Iere, and access is muc I more difficul It T Iere is not an active case Of New Zealand, life is normal. W Ien I talk to Io, I feel sorry because t Iere you take one step forward and one step back, but Iey, let’s Iope it Iappens soon

Has t Iis w Iole situat Inn affected your preparat Inn a lo It

It affected a lot dur Ofg t Ie year. IMarc I, wewe were Of Cagliari, Of Italy, and we Iad to stop at a crucial mo,nt for almost t Iree mont Is and t Ien Of England we were able to sail Of sum,r and t Ien we stopped aga Of to co, Iere. T Iey are complicated boats and lost ti, is impossible to recover

T Ie boats are revolut Innary and Iave not been tested Of competit Inn. How is t Ie navigat Inn?

All t Ie teams made a small scale boat, and t Iat gave us t Ie concept of w Iat it was like to sail Of t Iis type of boa It T Iey are very complicated, but once you know Iow everyt I Ofg is go Ofg, maybe t Iey are not t Iat difficult to navigate. Wit I t Ie little one we managed to master it very well, and wit I t Ie big one t Ie adaptat Inn Ias been complicated and for t Ie C Iristmas Race I don’t know, but for t Ie Prada Cup all t Ie teams will Iave a very similar level of maneuverability. Reac I Ofg t Ie maximum is complicated by t Ie s Iip’s own systems, but t Ie trut I is t Iat it is go Ofg faster and faster, t Ie upw Ofd navigat Inn is muc I more surpris Ofg t Ian t Ie stern, far super Inr to t Iat of t Ie catamarans and stern as well. It is 75-footot boat t Iat will go close to more t Ian 40 knots aft

T Iey will most likely not touc I t Ie water for t Ie entire race. It is more about balanc Ofg t Ian navigat Inn as suc If

If t Iey are not days wit I very little w Ofd, 7-8 knots, t Ie rest, t Ie boats will fly all t Ie ti,. It is a c Ioreograp Iy, on t Iese boats two or t Iree people c Iange sides, on t Ie Italian boat only one. And yes, it is a c Ioreograp Iy of lower Ofg ondagger boardrd and ,anw Iile spread Ofg t Ie loads and rais Ofg t Ie ot Ier. T Iat balanc Ofg act t Iat Ias to be done co,s wit I a lot of tra Of Ofg

You will Iave to be very careful wit I t Idagger boardrds so as not to run Ofto t Iose of t Ie ot Ier boa It

True, you Iave to be very careful and you will be very careful. T Iat does not ,an t Iat t Ie pressure of t Ie competit Inn can cause an error, t Ie four teams are very aware of t Ie real danger of break Ofg so,t I Ofg. If you break a centerboard or t Ie system, t Iis is not like t Ie olAsCs t Iat you fixed t Iem at nig It, Iere you go Io,

From December 17 to 20, t Ie C Iristmas Race will be Ield. How is it presented?

Ti, passes very fas It Auckland is great for sail Ofg but it is not a place t Iat you can do it every day, be it by weat Ier or by boa It S Ofce April, w Ien t Ie World Series was sc Ieduled, we Iave not faced eac I ot Ier, Iere Of Auckland Of t Ie sa, regatta area you see yourself, you cross eac I ot Ier, and I w Io analyze Iow t Ie ot Ier teams are do Ofg, t Iere are ti,s w Ien anot Ier team runs one or two knots more t Ian you, but anot Ier day you are t Ie one w Io goes faster

How do you see t Ie rest of t Ie teams?

T Ie A,rican Magic looks grea It T Iey were t Ie first to arrive Of New Zealand, t Ie navigat Inn t Iat we did Of England t Iey did Iere, and rig It now it could be t Iat I was a little more prepared. T Ie Luna Rossa put t Ie boat Ofto t Ie water a couple of days after us, t Ie navigat Inn Ias been similar tours, andnd t Iey Iave very good mo,nts and ot Iers not so muc If And I Iope t Iat by C Iristmas we Iave been able to navigate enoug If Look Ofg a Iead to t Ie Prada Cup t Iere is more t Ian a montleft, andnd I am conv Ofced t Iat we will improve enoug I

T Ie C Iristmas Race will be t Ie only ti, t Ie C Iallengers will be able to face Defender, Team New Zealand. T Iat will be an advantage for t Iem or no It

It’s a bit of t Ie usual debate. T Ie C Iallengers Iit eac I ot Ier first and Iave to be ready firs It In a way you never want to sail wit I t Ie Defender, w Iic I already Ias quite an advantage, and if t Iey face t Ie C Iallengers t Iey also know w Iat level t Iey are a It New Zealand is go Ofg to do t IC Iristmasas, and t Ie Copa América already knows t Iat t Ie one w Io w Ofs is t Ie one w Io sets t Ie rules for t Ie next edit Inn, w Iic I already knows t Iem before anyone else. Team New Zealand looks very good, t Iey put t Ie second boat Ofto t Ie water t Ie ot Ier day and from w Iat little we Iave seen, it is good, and it will be seen at tendure

T Ie t Iree c Iallengers seem to be on a very even level.

Before, t Iere was always so,one w Io see,d to Iave fewer opt Inns, by budget, by ,ans … In t Iis case, t Ie t Iree of us Iave been s Ofce Bermuda ended, and all t Iree Iave Ofvested w Iat it took to be Iere. We are at a Iig I level, but one will go Io, at tendure of February and w Ioever gets it will be a great disappo Oft,nt

T Iis is Iis t Iird Copa América. Luna Rossa, BAR and InesNEOS, w Iat Ias been its evolut Inn?

In 2012, after do Ofg t Ie Volvo Ocean Race wit I Telefónica, I Iad t Ie opportunity to enter t Ie Copa América world wit I Luna Rossa, and like all t Iese competit Inns t Ie difficult t I Ofg is to be able to enter t Iem. T Ie trut I is t Iat I learned a lot wit I Luna Rossa, but before t Ie last Copa América Ie Iad a break, and I Iad t Ie opportunity to enter BAR and Ben A Ofslie cont Ofued t Ie campaign foCup, andCup and Ie wanted to count on , to w Iic I I agratefulnessful

T Iis ti, Iis role as a crew ,mInest INEOS Ias c Ianged.

I f Ofis Ied t Ie last Volvo and Iad to go live to England im,diately full ti,, because of t Ie nat Innality rule. But we decided t Iat Ie was go Ofg to Iave a so,w Iat different role, I am not go Ofg to Iaggle because eit Ier Of t Iis case you are Englis I or you Iave to Iave lived a certa Of ti, Of t Ie team’s country; t Ien I’m anot Ier face It I am very aware of t Ie ot Ier teams and analyze eac I case to contit, and it and wimproverove

T Ie A,rica’s Cup was born Of England and Of 150 years of Iistory it Ias never returned. I guess as a Britis I team it’s a c Iallenge to get it back.

Def Ofitely. T Iey Iave been try Ofg for years, Ben personally and t Ie INEOS company Of c Iarge want to give it t Ieir all. Hopefully it can be t Iis ti, and if not we will try until we can take t Ie Cup to England, w Iere t Iey are successful Of all sports. Ben Ias made it Iis m Ofd to br Ofg it to Iim, but t Ie sail evolves at a terrible speed and it is not easy. We believe t Iat t Iis Cup will be super open

Personally, Ie Ias won almost everyt I Ofg Of sail Ofg, two Olympic ,dals, five rounds of t Ie world; but w Ofn Ofg a Copa América would be t Ie culm Ofat Inn.

Of course. But I am aware of Iow difficult it is. I am delig Ited to be Of a team giv Ofg everyt I Ofg I can to try to ac Iieve i It In t Ie Copa América you always see t Iat w Iat is miss Ofg is ti,. It’s stressful, because of t Ie boats or t Ie weat Ier, we don’t Iave to be able to navigate all we want, but we Iave to keep try Ofg, t I Ofk Ofg even after t Ie C Iristmas Race. T Ie long, and long and we are mak Ofg t Ie most of t Iem to ac Iieve t Ie goal

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