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These types of people have priority to receive the Coronavirus vaccine

Ya la vaccine is being implemented in many places, and it is important because in this way it is possible get immunization. But not everyone is receiving it, at the moment. So what will the process for the rest of the population?

Priority population

Initially, the vaccine is directed to the people who have priority due to the type of work they do, either because they are a person over 65 years old or because it has some condition make you vulnerable to coronavirus.

It is important to note that, as announced by the CNBC, the vaccine will be free for anyone who wants it, although suppliers they could charge a fee of administration, covered by insurance, in order to supply the injection.

Now the distribution of the vaccine will each state depending on the role of your population, and thus they will determine how the process will be.

In this sense, as already mentioned, the health care staff and residents of facilities long term care are the first who will receive the vaccine against Covid-19.

Medical personnel include those who are paid and those who are not but whose work environment is higher risk of exposure of patients with Covid or substances that are infected.

So, it’s not just the medical staff, it also includes the Medicine students, personal of maintenance and cleaning, and even to domestic helpers.

Covid vaccine
People with a higher risk of dying from the disease will be given priority. Source: Pixabay

General population

After placing the vaccine to the first group, it is estimated that by the end of February and March yes will be available in pharmacies and supermarkets.

Thus, those who are not essential workers will be able to get vaccinated in any of the willing centers for it.

The vaccine requires two doses and the second must be injected after 28 days having received the first one.

Although the first dose provides protection, its peak will be after a few 10 days after the second is placed.

It is important to registry. For this reason, vaccinated will receive a card which indicates when the first dose was given and when the second should be injected. In this way, you will have a reminder so as not to miss second dose.

It is expected that by the end of summer, and for him third quarter of the year, a high percentage people have been vaccinated and that the population can remain you.

What about the women and children?

Unfortunately, in their test stages, no vaccine was used in pregnant women and children therefore, for the moment, they will not be vaccinated.

In this sense, lStudies on vaccines for pregnant women and children will likely begin in mid-January. Therefore, we must stay tuned to the next indications.

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