Friday, January 21

They accuse a doctor who worked from his car of killing 5 people

A bottle of oxycontin, an opiate medication.

A doctor from the New York region of Long Island who he had a consultation in his car was accused of second degree murder of five people who died between 2016 and 2018 as a result of medical prescriptions they provided, local media reported this Thursday.

George Blatti, 75, appeared in court Thursday after five counts of murder in the second degree and 11 counts of reckless negligence.

The allegations stem from an investigation into various cases of overdose in August 2018, some of which resulted in the deaths of the individuals, according to District Attorney Madeline Sigas, who revealed that several of the patients were in possession of a inordinate number of prescriptions for opioid drugs in his possession signed by Blatti.

The defendant, a doctor of general medicine who was licensed in 1976, had not specialized in pain control, according to the prosecution.

For a period of time, he worked from a makeshift office in a Franklin Square local store that had previously belonged to an electronics products chain, and which kept the posters for that business.

It was in that office where he supposedly met with clients until 2019, according to the indictment data, and after not having access to that space, he began to receive them in his vehicle, where prescribed medications without examining patients from the parking lot of a hotel where he lived.

The prosecution notes that the patients, who were hooked on opiates, they went to Blatti to request these highly addictive medications, and despite not having their medical history, he prescribed the substances and billed these people’s medical insurance.

Blatti, who was arrested on April 18, 2019, allegedly circumvented New York State’s electronic prescription system by using only physical documents.

“This doctor’s prescription pad was as lethal as any murder weapon,” prosecutor Sigas said. “We allege that Dr. Blatti showed a depraved disregard for human life, disregard for the law, his ethical obligations, and the requests of patients and their families,” added the lawyer, who stressed that “he prescribed huge amounts of dangerous drugs to victims who were mired in an addiction, eventually killing five patients. ” “As we continue to fight the opioid epidemic that has ravaged our communities, this indictment sends a powerful message to any doctor who wants to profit from the addiction of their vulnerable patients,” he said.

According to figures from the US authorities, at least 400,000 people have died in the country since 1999 from overdoses with legal and illegal opiates.

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