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They accuse the Montaner family of not being what they seem: envy and manipulation to order

Ricky Montaner and his fiancée Stefi Roitman are now husband and wife. But their wedding has brought a lot of negative comments, and they are beginning to say that the Montaner family is not as pretty as it seems. While it is true that they do not sell themselves in this way, it is true that many fans have idealized them. Because throughout Ricardo Montaner’s musical career, like that of his own children, scandal has not been the engine under which they have laid the foundations for their success.

However, it seems that not everyone thinks this way, and there are many who think that behind it there is, in addition to intra-family envy, there is a lot of manipulation on the order of the day. In Gossip No Like, for example, a program hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, they have exposed Ricardo Montaner’s wife, the famous musical producer, Marlene Rodríguez Miranda. Who is painted as “The New Maleficent”.

They say that Marlene is something like a controlling woman, Javier Ceriani called her: “controls mothers-in-law”. He also exposed her, having Evaluna as her favorite daughter, despite the fact that she has more children with Ricardo Montaner. “She’s a controller,” Ceriani said.

Gossip No Like tells that it has been leaked that Marlene’s daughters-in-law can no longer stand her. They point out that the “Montaner clan” is “hermetic and controlling”.

They also say that even though many love the wife of Ricky Montaner, not much trust and this apparently led Ricardo to ask his son to, allegedly, make her sign a prenuptial agreement.

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Stefi and Ricky’s wedding took place in Argentina, which is why Ricky’s brother, Héctor, could not be accompanying the family, since he resides in the United States, and is processing his American residency, which is why which, apparently, cannot leave the country.

Many did not like that they leave it out. And they have let the clan patriarch know. About this the singer said: “Héctor unfortunately could not be at Ricky’s because he is finishing processing his American residence. He is Venezuelan and cannot leave the United States until the entire process is complete, for that reason neither he nor his family could accompany us on that special date for all of us.”. These statements by Ricardo Montaner became known through the Argentine program “Mañanisima con Carmen”.

And it is that for better or for worse, Ricardo commented that he managed to get Héctor to be part of his brother’s special day, through a video call, which apparently he did secretly. So now many wonder, why secretly?. He said phones weren’t allowed, so to speak, even though everyone was able to see pictures of the party on various Instagram accounts on Instagram.

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