Thursday, December 2

They appeal for the mother of Marta Calvo’s murderer to testify in person

Jorge Ignacio PJ, the alleged serial killer of Marta Calvo, Arliene Ramos and Lady Marcela.

There is still an open door for the mother of Jorge Ignacio PJ, the alleged serial killer accused of killing Marta Calvo, Arliene Ramos and Lady Marcela, and trying it with eight other women, declare in person before the Court of Instruction number twenty of Valencia. The private prosecution that represents the mother of the young woman who disappeared and presumably murdered on November 7, 2019, whose body has not yet been located, has presented an appeal for reform in which it opposes Pilar Jacome giving a statement as witness by videoconference from the courts of Palma de Mallorca.

The lawyers Pilar Jové and Vicente Escribano are protected by article 229 of the Organic Law of the Judicial Power, which establishes that the statements and interrogations of the witnesses will be carried out with physical presence before the judge, and that the possibility of via videoconference is exceptional in nature. In this case, they argue that the statement of the alleged murderer’s mother is “Fundamental” to shed some light on the location of Marta’s body.

Regarding the alleged economic reasons wielded by Pilar Jacome to avoid her appearance in person in the judge who is instructing the case against her son as the alleged perpetrator of 37 crimes, in the appeal this argument is dismantled, including the amounts of the roundtrip flights for the days in which the witness statement was indicated. Thus, for less than 40 euros – even less if hired in advance – the witness could be before the judge in Valencia to fulfill her duty to Justice.

In the same way, influencing this aspect, the private prosecution maintains that the witness had no problem in traveling twice when she was requested by the Homicide group of the Civil Guard and they maintain that their excuse to testify now by videoconference next Thursday October 21 responds more to a strategy of the defense of Jorge Ignacio P.

On October 4, the judge summoned Pilar Jacome, mother of the alleged serial killer, to give a statement on Friday the 15th. Lift-EMV, a newspaper belonging to the same communication group as this medium, the woman personally called the Instruction Court number 20 of Valencia just one day before her summons to inform that she could not travel to Valencia and that she would send an urgent letter through a courier, which never arrived.

The investigating judge granted the woman the possibility to testify on October 21 at 9:30 a.m. by video call from Palma de Mallorca, to which the private accusation is now formally opposed. His statement could shed light on whether he covered up his son and whether he has knowledge of facts about the disappearance of Marta Calvo that help to clarify the whereabouts of her body.

As reported in its day Lift-EMV, Pilar Jacome traveled to Valencia from Palma de Mallorca on November 8, 2019, a day after Marta’s murder, and spent the entire weekend with her son and even with his landlords. When she left, she took her son’s iPad with her, as well as three of his used clothes and the router that served the internet at home, in which all connections to the network are recorded, which, obviously, could help track searches.

Jacome returned those effects 12 days after he left for Palma, after the Civil Guard told him to return and hand them over. By then, the analysis of them already did not yield results of interest for research.

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