Tuesday, January 25

They arrest a minor under 14 years of age for four robberies in Palma using extreme violence

Agents of the National Police Center Investigation Group.

Agents of the National Police Center Investigation Group.
National Police

“Give me everything you have, otherwise I’m going to kill you!” This way a robber When he was only 14 years old, he suffocated a woman in Palma and left her unconscious with the ‘mataleón’ technique. Two other victims also lost consciousness and one of them, a woman, caused a double jaw fracture. Meanwhile, a man took the backpack after hitting him with a stone. The National Police has arrested this teenager for four robberies in the Balearic capital, in just two weeks, using extreme violence.

The first robbery was perpetrated by this minor around four thirty in the afternoon on July 23 in the vicinity of Torrent de na Barbera, near the Son Fuster industrial estate in Palma. A young man He was walking with a backpack over his shoulder when the teenager jumped on him and held him tightly by the neck. While asking for money, threatened to pull out a knife. Something that did not happen. Finally, He hit him on the head with a stone, snatched the bag from him, and fled.

A week later, the teenager went back to his old ways and repeated the scene of his previous misdeed. Thus, around seven thirty in the morning of July 30, another man was walking near the Torrent de Na Barbera, next to the Son Fuster polygon, when he was approached by the assailant. The attack was perpetrated by bending over the victim from behind. He hit her hard on the back of her neck and knocked her unconscious. Then he snatched the wallet with money.

Dragged behind the bushes

The violent assailant He used the ‘mataleón’ technique with women to suffocate them. About the half past seven in the morning of August 2, a woman who was walking through the same area where the robber had perpetrated the previous misdeeds was approached by this juvenile delinquent. Before the victim could react, He grabbed her tightly by the neck and caused her to suffocate. “Give me everything you have, otherwise I’m going to kill you! “He snapped. The victim was unable to speak a word and lost consciousness.

Finally, around four in the afternoon on August 4, another woman was also assaulted in this same place. The juvenile delinquent beat her and asphyxiated her with the same procedure until she was unconscious. He then dragged her behind some bushes and stole her purse. However, when she noticed the presence of a passerby in the vicinity, she left her bag and fled. The victim suffered a double jaw fracture.

As a result of this wave of robberies with extreme violence in Palma, investigators from the Central District Police Station, in collaboration with the Local Police, established numerous surveillance devices to try to capture the brutal assailant. Finally, around one in the afternoon of last Friday they located the suspect. It was a minor, 1.80 meters tall, but only 14 years old. This had run away from the family home.

After carrying out various procedures, Investigators recovered some of the effects stolen from the victims. They also obtained clues and evidence that determined that he was the author of the brutal robberies. He was then detained for at least four alleged crimes of robbery with violence. They also reported their arrest to the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.


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