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They ask Kamala Harris to accelerate the immigration agenda during visit to the Bronx

The Dominican Juan Gómez believes that at least now “there is no hate speech against the poor and immigrants.”

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A few blocks from where Vice President Kamala Harris was in The Bronx this Friday, explaining how the bipartisan Infrastructure Plan and the ‘Rebuild Better’ Agenda will benefit the working families of the country, the Dominican Juan Gómez I waited around noon in line for the opening of a food bank.

It is Caribbean immigrant lives in the Big Apple’s most vulnerable county, which is also listed as one of the highest poverty rate nationwide. Nearby, in the Northeast Bronx YMCA en Edenwald, The senior White House official promoted the centerpiece of Biden’s agenda that includes more resources for child care, affordable housing, climate change and an immigration reform.

“I am not very informed about the details of the country’s politics. But what I am clear about is that despite everything that the pandemic caused, now in recent months we are a little better. The previous president (Donald Trump) did not like the poor and even less immigrants. He wanted to finish us off! At least now there is another way to refer to us, “said the Quisqueyano who came from the island more than 30 years ago.

In the same row, he was the Mexican Lucrecia Sánchez, 48, who was unemployed during the pandemic and only has the income of her husband.

“When you do not have papers, everything is more complicated to be able to advance. But thank God I have always had food for my family. That is not lacking. But one I would like opportunities not to depend on these aids. We are hard-working people and we hope that the possibility of becoming legalized will be facilitated ”, estimated the woman from Puebla who arrived in the Big Apple in 1991.

On the outskirts of the YMCA, where the Vice President Harris with the Secretary of Health and Human Services, Xavier Becerra, meeting with New York families and elected leaders, the immigration issue seemed to be the greatest concern of those who approached in the midst of the expected safety barriers to draw attention to your concerns.

We want to generate wealth

For example, the Colombian María Salgado from the organization “United for a Dream” that promotes a path to citizenship for the beneficiaries of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), like dozens of activists, demanded that the immigration agenda promised by the national president during his campaign be accelerated.

“This is a country of opportunities and effort, but if you are undocumented It is useless that there are job options and that you have to wait in the shadows for social programs. Millions of people without papers want to generate wealth. We aspire to enter to compete as honest citizens. They have the power to change these laws for the disabled, “said the immigrant who does not remember another” house “other than the Bronx, since she arrived when she was 5 years old.

A protester in the room

Inside the room, while the second in command in the White House, showed the advantages of the infrastructure plan, local media reported that a man started screaming about families who died in recent floods in the city from Storm Ida.

The deaths “could have been prevented if we had the proper infrastructure,” the man yelled.

For his part, Harris replied, “You’re right, brother. You and I will talk after I give my comments. And I’m happy to talk to you, because there is freedom of expression. But, right now, let’s talk about the agenda, which will include talking to everyone and allow everyone to be heardHe added as the man was escorted out of the room.

The “Rebuild Better” agenda would invest $ 3.5 billion over the next decade in programs including the establishment of a universal pre-kindergarten, the child care subsidy, the extension of the expanded child tax credit, the free community college subsidy, the provision of 12 weeks of medical services and family leave, also closing the Medicaid coverage gap.

In addition, climate-focused provisions such as drastically reducing methane emissions and incentivizing clean energy production.

The Senate passed the bipartisan infrastructure bill. But it has yet to be approved by the House.

Meanwhile, some Democrats are resisting the tax increases and climate change measures proposed on the three-point agenda. And the five trillion dollars for the plan “Rebuild Better”.

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