Thursday, October 28

They ask the Consell to include the study of the Mutxamel Tram in the budgets

One of the protests of the platform by the TRAM

One of the protests of the platform by the TRAM

They want the train of sustainability and respect for the environment not to pass by. And they warn that it is time to plan the construction of a tram that reaches Mutxamel. The Platform for the Tram warns that on the bus a neighbor takes an average of 40 minutes to get to Alicante, when he is less than 13 kilometers from his town. And to this is added that the avenue of Dénia is saturated. For this reason, the Platform claims that a study should not be delayed to make the passage of the tram through Sant Joan d’Alacant and Mutxamel a reality as they already have in the region of l’Alacantí Alicante, El Campello and San Vicente del Raspeig, thus improving the quality of life of citizens.

For this, they believe that the budgets of the Generalitat Valenciana should begin to contemplate the project as soon as possible. And they regret that, although the 2021 draft has taken into account the connection study with the Sant Joan Hospital, it has forgotten Mutxamel and the request of its population. That is why they claim that in the period of amendments, the parties with which they have been meeting since the summer and that have given them their support, request the inclusion of the study of connection with Mutxamel.

They are aware that making it a reality is a long-term project, but their interest is that at least the first steps are taken and start the commitment that in the future there will be Tram. In the October plenary session, Mutxamel approved an institutional motion demanding that the Consell improve transport in the municipality and asking to include the tram project to the municipality in the budgets. And they have also received the support of the Sant Joan groups.

They are a very young platform. They were born in 2020 and because of the pandemic they have not been able to carry out all the acts of protest that they would have liked. Even so, there are already a hundred people joined to the entity and today they have already planned a collection of signatures next to the Mutxamel market. And they will repeat this adhesion campaign this Saturday at Sant Joan d’Alacant. And all to strengthen and demonstrate to Valencia that the neighbors demand sustainable infrastructure.

They have requested to meet with the Minister of Territorial Policy, Public Works and Mobility, Arcadi Spain, although they have not yet achieved an appointment requested in March. “We want to ask you to do a project thinking about the next 30 years and above all because there is a commitment from the minister who talks about the need to improve mobility in the region, but then it doesn’t seem like it,” explains Antonio García, member of the Platform. And he adds that the objective is “to respond to the problem of localities. The only bus we have is the 23rd in the XXI century and Dénia avenue is jammed ». They also want to transfer their claim to the subdelegate of the Government, Araceli Poblador.

Although they have received the support of all the political parties with which they have been interviewed, they regret that, at the moment of truth, good words are not being translated into demands and public support. “We are in a period of amendments and have not come out publicly to assume the project,” they demand.

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