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They buy an island through crowdfunding to form their own micronation, and you can be a citizen

If you don’t like your country, it’s easy: you just have to buy an island, and found your own. That is what more than 100 investors have done.

The crowdfunding is one of the best “inventions” on the Internet: financing projects through individual contributions. Sponsors or domestic investors, go…

Crowdfunding has been used for all sorts of things. One of the most original is… buy an island

a group of dreamers he has bought an island to found his own micronation. They already have anthem and flag, and admit new citizens. Because when you live in your own micronation, you can do whatever you want…

It all started a few months ago, when a group of investors, tired of how the world is going, decided start a fundraiser under the name Let’s buy an island, and form your own micronation.

The thing went well because apparently It only takes about $250,000 to buy an island. Small and half-sunken in the sea, yes, but your own island.

Is named Key Cafe, and it is near the coast of Belize, in the heart of the Caribbean. It is only 1.2 acres in area, just under 5,000 square meters. But the 118 investors they have paid about 5,000 euros each to own the island, they believe they can make it profitable.

They have already visited it a couple of times, and they are delighted with it, although some of these investors they are concerned that it is semi-submerged in the sea, so it is very vulnerable to storms and climate change.

Being an investor gives you the right to participate in decisions to create possible homes, shops, recreation areas… You also have the option to be citizen, paying only $19.95. You receive a “passport” with priority access to visits to the island, discounts, etc.

They will accept a maximum of 5,000 citizens. They already have 350. And they are designing their own anthem and flag. They have renamed the island with the name of Iceland, that although in English it does not exist, in Spanish it is an official country…

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It has to be said that the whole micronation thing, it’s just fun. legally they are a private island within Belize, and are governed by the rules of this country. No one can create a micronation on their own.

It’s a fun initiative, but it has a serious problem: 118 owners deciding what to do with 5,000 square meters of land? We recommend you watch the series La que se avecina, so you can see what happens when a group of owners tries to agree on issues of housing and coexistence…

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