Friday, September 17

They call Adamari López a simpleton for wearing a white and wrinkled dress

Although in recent days Adamari López has attracted attention Of all wearing sexy outfits and making it clear that she already has a totally different figure from almost a year ago, this morning was like a fair for her outfit. Followers and regulars of social networks of the “Hoy Día” program They even called her a simpleton and stressed that she should not appear on television in a wrinkled dress.

Turns out that the Telemundo host she wore a little fitted white dressMaybe it’s the same daily weight loss and the dress was obviously not her size. Perhaps one less would have been a lot better for him. But, even if they don’t like criticism of Adamari López, The truth is that the dress was quite simple compared to the daring and risky outfits she’s sported in recent weeks.

But it was not only Adamari Lopez the one that took the downpour but the entire “Hoy Día” team. Viewers and fans were relentless in saying that it seemed the day to the ode of dressing badly. Although they looked for the variety of styles and colors on the set, the truth is that this idea was not very well received by the public and they let it be known in the comments section of the account of Instagram from the television show.

“I think your worst enemy saw them”, “All colored and the simplistic Adamari in white and wrinkled“,” Why do they put such horrible clothes on them ?? !!! “,” They look like clowns, who wears them knows nothing about fashion and elegance “,” I think they can dress better “,” Not even with a thousand costumes stop be a clown playing high school. Better give them the VIP school! ” and what is that??? Was it horrible dressing day ????? What an ugly thing! Not me, I’m poor and I don’t know about FASHION !!! ”, were some of the points made to the women’s staff of“ Hoy Día ”for the clothes they wore.

On the other hand, to the Chiquibaby, who is one of the most flirtatious women What is now in the Hispanic entertainment industry called attention to him for wearing very tight clothes already having a visible and advanced pregnancy.

“That pregnant woman who wears maternity clothes is more comfortable for the baby and for her she will always look better with the right clothes”, “Her dresses are better for her, those pants with a bodysuit on the inside do not suit her tummy, and be careful with those platforms that are very exaggerated for their condition ”,“ I feel suffocated with @chiquibabyla’s belly, poor baby, it gives me the impression that she is not breathing, they dress her very tight and that is not good for the baby ”and“ I know Maternity clothes have changed, it is not like before but there are clothes that prevent the tummy from accommodating and expanding well ”, were the comments received by the Mexican.

But she ignores these criticisms, because she attends her doctor regularly and they have let her know that everything is going great, something she always shares on her social networks. In fact, the weekend delighted her fans by showing off her belly in a bathing suit.

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