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They call Carolina Sandoval “Cerda” for eating cake on the toilet in the bathroom

If there is someone who is not afraid to show his daily life in addition to his good sense of humor, it is the ex-host of Suelta la Sopa, Carolina Sandoval. On this occasion, the Venezuelan published a video in which it appears eating cake secretly from her family and on top of the toilet, reason enough for her to be called “Cerda”. He was also reading the book “50 Shades of Gray” and also with a glass of champagne in hand, which added more “spice” to the criticism left on his Instagram account.

Who until almost a year ago was one of the most controversial presenters on the Telemundo network wanted to make a parody of the little time that today’s mothers have. Children, work and household chores make it very difficult for those who exercise motherhood. For this reason, she sat down with everything she would do in her free time and without her family knowing where she was in the house, in order to have “a few free minutes”.

But, although many find it funny, their retractors think otherwise: “In the bathroom, the cake. Disgust “,” Everything except the cake in the rate please, when you come to Costa Rica I give you one of my cakes “,” No no do not put the cake in the toilet seat no no no, it’s very unpleasant “,” Laugh that you only needed to eat there, you are a case, a greeting ”,“ It seems like a pig eating in the bathroom and on top with the cake in the toilet, this woman is unpleasant to a thousand ”,“ And I was going to have dinner, they already took the desire “,” Guácala “,” Seriously what a ridiculous and filthy woman “, were some of the strong criticism that could be extracted from the comments section of the “La Venenosa” Instagram account.

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As usual, she ignored these remarks because the truth is that, although these comments were raised to a level, many others thanked her for her good humor. “I understand you perfectly. I’m worse ”, Viiiiivaaaaa late night, lunch and everything that makes up this lovely woman !!! Thank you for showing your wonderful interior … Beautiful on the outside, beautiful on the inside “and” Yooooo to that place I call the officeaaaaaaaaa hahahaha … I love you, you make me the day after so much confinement by the virus “.

Just a few days ago, the Venezuelan was also criticized because she was A flatulence “escaped” for dancing uncontrollably. In the end, it was all part of a joke. He used a gas effect that is used from the TikTok app. No doubt, despite criticism, Carolina Sandoval thinks to continue uploading all kinds of content that, although it irritates some, another great majority makes them laugh with their daily occurrences.

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