Monday, September 25

They call off the protest in the neighborhood of Llopis in Cáceres for the 5th and the neighbors give a truce

Residents of Llopis-Espiritu Santo with its president José Antonio Ayuso on the right. / TODAY

The board of directors of the Neighborhood Association meets with the mayor and asks for a direct line with the Local Police and the municipal contracts

Manuel M. Nunez

Representatives of the Neighborhood Group met yesterday with the mayor, Luis Salaya, and councilors from the Government team at the Consistory. Among the demands presented, with the president of the group, José Antonio Ayuso, at the forefront were the existing problems with the maintenance of public roads, gardens, cleanliness, accessibility and apartment cards for people with functional diversity. On the latter, the neighborhood movement asked the councilor “greater control since there have been for years without renewing and they occupy parking spaces that correspond to people who need them.”

This was detailed by Ayuso, who was accompanied by his colleagues Santiago Márquez, from the Sierra de la Mosca association, and Gema Gallego, from Valdesalor. The former is responsible for environmental issues in the Association and Gallego acts as a member. Also present at the meeting were the councilors for Infrastructure and Public Services, Andrés Licerán, and David Holguín, from Barrios.

The City Council is requested to allow associations to be contacted directly with contractors such as Talher or Conyser as well as with the Local Police to solve day-to-day problems. In addition, and although it was not the subject of the meeting, the association of Llopis-Espíritu Santo has called off the protest against the abandonment of the neighborhood. It was authorized for the 5th. “There is a vote of confidence from the neighbors and we will wait until January 7 to see if the commitments are fulfilled,” says Ayuso.

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In the official communication made by the City Council after the meeting with the Group of Associations this Friday, it is noted that the mayor listened to the “concerns for improvements in the city” and highlighted “the work that the neighborhood associations do, not only for the revitalization of citizen participation but by detecting first-hand the problems in the neighbourhoods».

“We are going to continue working on improvements in the coordination and provision of public services, especially in our neighborhoods, in permanent contact with the Neighborhood Association,” says Salaya. The mayor held a meeting for several hours with the residents of Llopis-Espíritu Santo on September 22. He was in the middle of the street and was able to listen to the complaints of the residents about the state of the streets, the dirt or the gardens. Salaya responded to their concerns and doubts and a commitment to try to act quickly on those issues that accumulate delays and that, according to the president of the neighborhood, have to do with accessibility, paving or lighting, among others, has already emerged from that assembly on public roads. aspects.

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