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They capture on video the wife of Félix Verdejo celebrating with bachata and drink in hand in Puerto Rico

Félix Verdejo celebrates his victory over Ahmed Mejri at the London Olympics in 2012.

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The wife of boxer Félix Verdejo, who remains in a federal prison in Puerto Rico accused of murdering the young Keishla Rodríguez Ortiz, was partying this past weekend and a video on Instagram confirms it.

Elías Barral, assistant to the Puerto Rican presenter Lynette Chico, was the person who shared the images in which Eliz Marie Santiago Sierra is seen dancing bachata with drink in hand and a suggestive set of leopard print top and pants.

Supposedly, it was a event in which the Dominican bachatero Optimo participated, although it is not clear where it was made.

Video of Verdejo’s wife dancing in club generates debate

The video that the television media on the island reviewed as “Lo Sé Todo” has generated controversy for several reasons.

The first is that not many would expect that Verdejo’s partner, with whom he had a girl, would be in the mood to go partying a few weeks after being interviewed by a grand jury and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on the island. in relation to the case for which the boxer would face capital punishment or life imprisonment if convicted.

The fact that Santiago Sierra has not made public statements about the accusations against his daughter’s father has also drawn attention, less about his relationship with Keishla and her family.

Santiago Sierra, Rodríguez Ortiz and their sister had known each other since adolescence. Santiago Sierra even revealed to the authorities, at the time of the disappearance of the 27-year-old girl, that he knew about the relationship that the 27-year-old had with her partner.

Keishla’s sister, Bereliz Nichole, is married to Verdejo’s cousin.

Keishla Rodríguez’s father reacts

The victim’s father, José Rodríguez, reacted through the aforementioned Wapa TV program to the visuals, arguing that the only thing that matters to him is that justice is done to his daughter.

“That does not take away my sleep or help me in anything. Well, let her go on with her life, let her do whatever she wants … Let her life continue, just as we will have to continue it with our loss, ”he declared.

“The ones who are supposed to help us are the prosecutors, who seek justice and nothing else,” he continued.

“I care about the justice that is done to my daughter. Since my daughter disappeared, I forgot about everyone…. ”Rodríguez insisted.

Santiago Sierra attended two meetings, at the end of May, with the federal authorities as a witness. Her lawyers insisted that the young woman is not a suspect in the crime that culminated in the life of Rodríguez Ortiz, who was one month pregnant with Verdejo when he allegedly threw her from the Teodoro Moscoso bridge in the metropolitan area of ​​Puerto Rico with the help of a crony, who also faces federal charges.

“She is not a card from the federal authorities,” said Eduardo Ortiz Declet, one of the members of the young woman’s defense.

“This chain of speculative expressions can harm my client and those close to him. The best thing that could have happened was that they summoned her to this so that the whole world knew that after the investigation of the Police … more than 200 agents in conjunction with federal agencies, these people are not cards or suspects … it is very important that people understand it, that, at least, the people we represent are not suspected of any crime, “added Pedro Rivera in an interview with the television program La Comay on Teleonce.

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