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They catch the move of Andrew Cuomo in his last hours as governor of New York

Andrew Cuomo is already saying goodbye to the house he lived in as governor.

Cindy Ord/Getty Images / Google Maps

Andrew Cuomo He is living his last hours as governor of the state of New York, when it was announced that there are already moving teams working inside the well-known as New York State Executive Mansion, in order to support you to move all your assets to what will be your new home.

According to what is appreciated in the images released by the AP news agency and the New York Post, the mobilization inside the historic house is constant, so it would not be surprising if this Friday they conclude with the move. Among the objects that have been taken are some works of art and various boxes.

Andrew Cuomo is expected to leave the property, located on Eagle Street, during the course of Monday, as this is the day he will deliver the courier to Kathy Hochul.

“General Service Office spokesman Joe Brill said the governor will have to vacate the state mansion by the time he leaves office,” the AP news agency reported.

Cuomo lived there since the fall of 2019. So far the address where he will move to live after presenting his resignation as governor is unknown, since he no longer has the property he owned in Mount Kisco, which he disposed of after his separation from Sandra Lee, his wife.

Andrew Cuomo decided to resign after the allegations of sexual harassment against you.

What is the New York State Executive Mansion like?

The residence was built, in the year 1856, to be inhabited by a banker and since then it has undergone some transformations, since at the beginning it was in the Italian style, later details of the Second Empire were incorporated and today it is in the Queen style. Ana.

Since 1875 it became the home of the state governors, Samuel Tilden being the first to inhabit it.

Over the years, various governors have made some reforms: Theodore Roosevelt incorporated a gymnasium, while Franklin D. Roosevelt had a swimming pool built, which eventually became a greenhouse.

Years later Mario Cuomo reinstalled the pool, Al Smith built a zoo, while Nelson Rockefeller was behind the installation of the tennis courts.

One of the most dramatic moments on the property was experienced in 1961, after a fire consumed part of its structure.

Although at that time it was contemplated to move the residence of the governor to another site, Nelson Rockefeller fought to conserve it and it obtained it.

Until before the pandemic, the property, included in the National Register of Historic Sites, could be visited, with prior reservation, on Thursdays from September to June, while in July and August it was closed for these purposes.

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