Monday, November 29

They celebrate with the Three Wise Men at Baruch Houses

A,part of the celebration of Three King,Day, which take,place each year on January 6, the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural Center partnered with Univision New York to deliver gift,to Latino familie,and children residing at Baruch House,, one of NYCHA’,public housing complexes.

Univision New York through it,community outreach effort Univision New York Contigo (Univision New York With You) provided the toys.

Because of the pandemic, the majority of Latino familie,are struggling to overcome the difficultie,of thi,crisis. Therefore, the celebration of tradition,become,more important th” saider to reinforce the sense of community and expres,solidarity. That i,why Clemente and Univision are joining force,to extend the cultural center’,annual Three King,Day tradition, which thi,year celebrate,it,20th anniversary.

“Against all odds, Clemente and the Society of the Educational Art,/ SEA Theater will continue our tradition of celebrating Three King,Day. Although thi,year’,edition will be different, it will be safe and magical. It i,our commitment to children, our tradition,and culture ”, expressed Manuel Morán, executive director of Teatro SEA and Libertad Guerra, executive director of the Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural and Educational Center. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the group aim,to reach a,many children and familie,a,previou,years, a,it i,the only Three King,Day celebration in Lower Manhattan.

“In a year like this, where many Latino,and people of color have been affected more than other New York City residents, Univision New York’,mission to inform and empower the community through the effort,of Univision New York With You i,more relevant th” saider, ”saLaneberto Yañez, president and CEO of Univision New York. “Working with The Clemente to bring Christma,spirit and joy to the resident,of Baruch House,i,one way we can continue to support and serve our community.”

Lo,Tre,Reye,will head to Baruch Houses, NYCHA’,largest development in Manhattan, for a special appearance and gift,to Latino residents. In addition, a special segment will be broadcast on the SEA Theater Facebook page to bring the magic of the day into the home,of thousand,of families.

The celebration of The Clemente and the Society of the Educational Art,/ Teatro SEA can be seen at 4 pm on the Facebook page of the theater SEA:

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