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They condemn a businessman from Almendralejo who defrauded more than fifty olive growers from Cáceres

Civil Guard controlling an olive delivery point in Extremadura. / today

In November he has another trial in Mérida, in which he is accused of keeping 30,000 euros from some 30 farmers in Badajoz

Serge Lawrence

The Civil Guard and the Justice are surrounding an oil swindler who operates in Extremadura. This is Domingo CP, 70 years old, resident in the province of Badajoz.

The Provincial Court of Cáceres has sentenced him this Thursday to a year and a half in prison, pay a fine of 480 euros and return 66,000 euros to the 52 olive growers that he has defrauded in the 2018-2019 olive campaign. His victims are farmers from the towns of Valdefuentes, Torre de Santa María, Ruanes, Torremocha, Albalá, Montánchez and Botija.

It so happens that in a few months, on November 17, 2022, Domingo CP will be tried in Mérida, in the third section of the Provincial Court of Badajoz for another alleged scam related to the collection of olives to make oil. He is accused with other people, and the prosecutor asks for five years in prison for him, in addition to returning, with the rest of the accused, the around 30,000 euros that they allegedly defrauded some 30 olive growers in the province of Badajoz.

“It’s like the Nazarene scam”

In the Court of Cáceres, one of those affected pointed out that Domingo gained the trust of the olive growers, «it is like the Nazarene scam, that first they ask you for a small amount, they pay you, and when they already have your trust, they ask you for a larger amount. big and you no longer see the money. He has very good words. He makes meetings with the people he owes money to, but he never pays. Once he tells you that he has no money because his son has cancer, another time that his daughter has cancer and it’s all a lie.”

The lawyer Enrique Pont Sanguino, who represents seven of those swindled in Cáceres, points out that their victims are many more than those who appear in the judicial procedure, «in Cáceres, in the 2018-2019 campaign, there are many more those affected than the 52 to whom he says that he is going to return 66,000 euros in total; because there are many who have been defrauded of small amounts of money who have not filed a complaint.

Domingo CP was arrested by the Civil Guard of Cáceres on July 23, 2019, after carrying out an investigation due to the discomfort that many olive growers in the Valdefuentes area had, because they were not able to collect the olives they had sold to a person, who had rented a delivery point located in the town of Torre de Santa María (Cáceres). This individual was the now convicted person who, in turn, had hired another person, unrelated to the scam, who was in charge of collecting the olives. Domingo bought the olives at the price of 0.48 cents per kilo.

When delivering the olives, the farmers received delivery notes in the name of a company in Seville that had no activity. Those affected tried to collect the delivery notes without success, while the now condemned man took his olives to the oil mill in Roca de la Sierra (Badajoz) to make the oil.


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