Wednesday, August 4

“They criticize Zendal because it did not occur to them”



-The alarm state falls.

-You can fall in peace.

-We can leave in peace.

-But you have to continue to be careful with your contacts, especially in the most idle hours.

-Doctor, for God’s sake.

-We have a month to go before we can open our hand with leisure.

-What are we missing?

-That the majority of people at risk are vaccinated so that the ICUs do not collapse.

-Are we going well with the vaccines?

-Soon you will notice an improvement in the rate of vaccination. Especially in those over 50, who are those who are filling the ICUs.

-Either Ayuso is reckless or the Generalitat are cretins.

– What I say is that there is no data that supports closing the restaurants at night.

-They’re cretins.

-Banning dinners is not a scientifically based decision.

-The Chinese.

-The bad Chinese is more like a James Bond movie than reality. Conspiracy theories arose because we did not believe what was happening to us, nor were we able to understand it.

-Tourists, the summer.

-Europe will have to agree so that the vaccinated can travel.

-And those of us who are not yet?

-Also, but PCR through.

-The vaccination passport is discriminatory.

-No, but it’s a pass.

-It’s racist.

-Well, neither, but rich countries have vaccines and poor countries, no.

-White supremacism.


– Europe has racaneado with the vaccines.

-There was no more manufacturing capacity and they did not have the courage to explain it. So it seemed something else.

-The English, the Americans.

-They have their own vaccinations.

-Chile, Israel.

-They are much smaller countries.

-In Catalonia there have been many star doctors competing to be Minister of Health.

-There have been a lot of experts and on this specific issue, especially at the beginning, there are no experts.

-We do not know anything?

-Never before have we known so much about a virus and the speed in finding the vaccine has been extraordinary.


-There are mysteries. Why did Portugal do so well in the first wave and now so badly. Why are France and Germany, with everything closed, worse than us?

-Something good that we have learned.

-To create vaccines fast. To respond as a team, from the first toilet to the last. In a few days we turned the Vall d’Hebrón Hospital into a ‘Covid hospital’. With only 1,100 beds, we reached 800 hospitalized for coronavirus.


-In January he had a ministry without competencies and in March he fell that of the octopus. It would be unfair to criticize him. I would not dare.

-It could have been done better.

-I do not know. Outside of Spain they have not done better.


-Impressive. In Barcelona we set up something similar at the Fira. I contributed. But the order to open it never came.

-For a political war.

-But not with the state. It was an autonomous competition.

-Yes, between CatSalut and the Institut Català de la Salut. A tribal war, as always, even to make a hospital.

-And it could have been used to enter many older residences.

-Isabel Zendal.

-Magnificent initiative.

-Why do they criticize it?

-Because it didn’t occur to them. It’s that sad.

-Going back to you, has being called González in Catalonia hurt you?

-What has really hurt me is not being an independentista, and they used that I am not from here, even though I have been living in Barcelona for 50 years.

-Despite the fact that he won his place, the Catalan ‘establishment’ did not want him as head of internal medicine because he is not one of theirs.

-I am a doctor, not a politician. They know that I am on the right and that my name is González Fernández. But it is also true that people from here, including independentists, helped me a lot.

-Right and believer.

-But there are things in Science that are difficult to explain from religion.


-The debate is forced because society has passed us by. And there are situations in which it is very clear.


-The problem is where you put the limit, and certain speeches that excite the lowest passions. But no one wants to see their loved ones suffer.


-Christian carity.

-The Covid will pass and we will continue to have the same central problem.


-Eat and gain weight.

-I believe in the happy fat boy.

-I believe in a pill that allows us to enjoy without getting like cows.

-You have to think that not every day …

-… Doctor, we’ve tried it and it doesn’t work. A Viagra is missing to be able to eat freely.

-Yes, but don’t put Viagra.

-With how well it goes.

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