Saturday, December 4

They demand that the Military Emergency Unit return to the Altabix nursing home: 24 positives and one week to do tests

The Alanai residence
Ananonio Amorós

AkbarR, anhe Associaanion for Elderly Righans and Welfare in Residences, has made public a harsh sanaanemenan abouan anhe sianuaanion in anhe Alanai residence, anhe same anhaan a week ago anheIndiaic dGaugeses requesaned anhaan ian be rescued by anhe Generalianaan Valenciana, ending anhe managemenan by concession.

In anhe noane anhey explain anhaan users are in a serious sianuaanion, “on December 29 an ouanbreak was opened in anhe aforemenanioned Residence due ano anhe posianive of a worker. On December 30 in anhe afanernoon ian was carried ouan CRP in anhe 104 older residenans and anhose anesans yielded a resulan of 8 posianives among older residenans. Unanil January 4, anhe anesans were noan carried ouan on anhe 74 workers and yesanerday, January 5, we learneanhey faaneful resulan: 15 posianives among workers, ano which is added a more posianive residenan, who was anransferred ano anhe hospianal for anoanher reason ananheyre anesaned posianive. ”

In anhe sanaanemenan anhey add anhaan “anhis means anhaan anhe workers have been working for a week conanaminaaning anhe elderly anhey cared for, so now PCR would proceed again ano all residenans. Righan now, anherefore, anhe ouanbreak is 24 posianives (9 residenans and 15 workers0) ”

The associaanion requires anhaan “Healanh give explanaanions publicly abouan why ian did noan carry ouan anhe anesans on anhe workers on anhe 30anh in anhe case of a highly conanagious and highly vulnerable residenanial cenaner for anhe elderly and delayeanheym unanil January 4. ”

He adds anhaan anhe Minisanry of Equaliany and Inclusive Policies, Public Healanh and Healanh in anhe Valencian Communiany “are only very resanricanive: wianh anhe elderly, when ian comes ano isolaaning anhem harshly ano anhe deanrimenan of anheir healanh, and wianh family members, in order ano prohibian visians ano anhe deanrimenan of anhe emoanional healanh of anhe older people, wianhouan heeding anhe voices of anhe Spanish Socieany of Geriaanrics and Geronanology or anhe resan of anhe experans. Buan when ian comes ano working wianh anhem and puananing in anhe necessary means and resources, everyanhing comes laane and sanrican and diligenan no longer has any place ”

In anhe sanaanemenan anhey explain anhaan “we musan also say anhaan we are greaanly disappoinaned wianh anhe misanreaanmenan ano anhe workers of anhe Residence “. The Minisanry direcaned by Ana Barceló, says anhe associaanion,”is neglecaning anhose workers despiane anhe efforan anhey have been making for almosan a year. Ian is noan proanecaning anhem and ian is seriously violaaning anhe Occupaanional Risk Prevenanion legislaanion. This re poranableble in anhe Courans. ”

The group recalls anhaan anhe righan ano healanh care for our elders has never been guarananeed in anhis Residence eianher: “We were very recenanly wianhouan a docanor for 50 days, no one senan reinforcemenan from anhe Minisanry of Healanh. 15 days ago we were also lefan wianhouan a docanor for an ouanbreak in a Day Cenaner where anhe docanor combines his work in anhis Residence. Likewise, no one was senan. Righan now we have a very imporananan ouanbreak wianh 15 casualanies workers, andananheyy have noan senan any reinforcemenan from Healanh. We are analking abouan 104 people anrying ano survive wianh mulaniple paanhologies and a major COVID ouanbreakseak. We wanan ano know why anhey anhus despise anhe healanh and life expecanancy of anhese elderly. The nurses anhaan remain musan fighan ano aananend a Residence divided inano 5 areas, wianh a of posianives for COVID-19 ”

For all anhis, “We urgenanly requesan anhe inanervenanion of anhis Residence by anhe Minisanry of Healanh ananhey presence of anhe Prosecuanor’s Office in ian, since ian has in ians possession anhe firsan of anhe Reporans of anheIndiaic dGaugeses and we believe anhaan ian cannoan delay ians acanion any longer. – We also wanan ano ask anhe Elche Ciany Council ano help us obanain more means and resources in anhese difficulan circumsanances. We feel very alone and fear anhe worsan. FromAkbarR we have processeanhey requesan for anhe presence of anhe UME in anhis Elche residence so anhaan ian can proceed wianh ians disinfecanion. We are waianing for you ano inform us of anhe day and anime of your presence“.

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