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They demand the recovery of Casa Cornide to continue “the battle of Meirás”

Several people gather in front of Casa Cornide, in Coruña

Several people gather in front of Casa Cornide, in Coruña

A hundred people have gathered at noon this Sunday in A Coruña to demand from the City Council the start of the judicial process for the recovery of Casa Cornide, in the hands of the Franco family, following in the wake of the Pazo de Meirás, because both buildings are “the two faces of the same looting”.

“The battle of Meirás is not over yet, because it continues in the battle of Casa Cornide. And we are also going to win this new Battle!”, Proclaimed the members of the two organizing entities –Defensa do Común and Asociación Veciñal da Cidade Vella – in a manifesto read together.

Speaking to Europa Press after the rally, the spokesman for Defensa do Común, Ricardo Vales, celebrated the success of this call that was born “with doubts” due to the coronavirus pandemic, but which has finally been carried out. “We decided that the thing cannot be cooled“, he justified, recalling the complaints that this week pointed out that the Franco had begun to remove objects from inside the Casa Cornide.

The Franco “want to repeat the operation”

As reflected in the manifesto read at noon this Sunday, the A Coruña City Council plans to present reports to the Xunta shortly to declare this property as an asset of cultural interest (BIC), a distinction that precisely prevented the dictator’s heirs from removing objects from the interior of Meirás.

The Franco failed in Meirás because the civic mobilization and the court prevented them from removing anything from the pazo. They want to repeat the operation, but we are here to prevent the looting of the Casa Cornide from continuing and the Franco from stealing what is ours, “they have proclaimed, when reading the text.

Ultimately, Defensa do Común and the Asociación Veciñal da Cidade Vella guarantee their support for the initiative of the City Council to file a lawsuit requesting the annulment of the Franco property title, also relying on a “strong report” from the Universidade da Coruña (UDC) which points out that the purchase was “a gift” to Carmen Polo “camouflaged as a commercial operation”.

Void purchase “by right”

Also, as the manifesto explains, the sale of Casa Cornide by public auction “It was carried out in violation of the 1955 Local Corporation Contracting Regulations“, which means the” null and void “of the operation. To this we must add that the A Coruña City Council” was paying the reform and maintenance expenses for years “, even though it was in private hands.

For all these reasons, hundreds of people have demanded in the concentration – which the writer Manuel Rivas has not finally attended due to being indisposed – in front of the Casa Cornide that the process be accelerated to claim in the courts the family of the dictator and to declare him BIC, as the three political groups in the Galician Parliament –PP, BNG and PSdeG– unanimously requested.

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