Wednesday, November 25

They denounce “sexist comments” by Fernando Simón against nurses in an interview with the Pou

Fernando Simón is once again the center of controversy. The General Council of Nursing has denounced this Sunday “sexist and denigrating comments” by the director of the Center for the Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies against nurses in an online interview with climbers from Alava Iker and Eneko Pou. The group has demanded an apology “immediately” or will collect signatures to request his parliamentary disapproval and that the Government remove him from his position.

In a statement, the first vice president of the General Council of Nursing of Spain, Pilar Fernández, explained that “It is intolerable” that “a person with responsibility” for Simón “allows himself to try to denigrate a profession so completely devoted to patients” and “make jokes and jokes” in a pandemic situation “that has cost so many lives and so much suffering.”

Specifically, the organization refers to an interview that they conducted with the director of the CCAES on the ‘Youtube’ channel of the climber brothers Iker and Eneko Pou. In it, lThey asked if he liked “infectious diseases or infectious nurses.” “I didn’t ask (the nurses) if they were infectious or not, you could see that a few days later,” Simón replied..

For this reason, the Nursing Council demands that you “have the decency” to “apologize immediately” and recognize “the inappropriateness of your comments, jokes and jokes and refrain from ever doing them again.” “Otherwise, we are willing to start a collection of signatures to ask Parliament for the public disapproval of Fernando Simón and the Government for his immediate dismissal,” Fernández clarified.

Thus, he claimed that “Spain deserves that the spokesperson for the strategy against the current pandemic be an expert with a mentality in line with the times we live in, where no jokes are made about the fundamental rights of women.” In addition, it has reported that it is willing to launch “an international campaign with the help of the International Council of Nurses (ICN) and the WHO to denounce throughout the world” what they consider “an humiliation to women and the nursing profession” .

The organization believes Simón’s comments “are an attack against the dignity of women and against the dignity of an essential health profession for our health system.” The collective reminds that the nurses “are being fundamental” against the pandemic of which Simón, as denounced by the Nursing Council “,” makes fun of her and despises her “.

Fernández recalled that nurses They have been fighting for ‘decades’ to get rid of ‘all the macho and retrograde images and stereotypes’ of a «predominantly female healthcare group».

“Society has begun to understand that this type of sexist topics are hurtful, but also dangerous because we are a health profession that lives dedicated body and soul to the patient,” said the statement, which also emphasizes that nurses are the ones who A higher percentage of aggressions suffer from the «continuous proximity and accessibility» to the patient.

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