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They detect liquid ecstasy in a 13-year-old girl who reported a puncture


The minor felt it in her leg at a party in Gijón when she was in the company of some friends and her parents

The National Police is investigating the case of an alleged chemical submission attempt recorded in the early hours of Sunday at the Montevil (Gijón) festivities. It was a 13-year-old girl who felt a puncture in her leg when, around one in the morning, she was in the company of some friends and a few meters away from her were her parents. The parents notified the Police, whose agents were the first to assist the girl. She was then taken to the Hospital where she tested positive for a narcotic substance. Apparently it is liquid ecstasy or GHB. The parents filed the corresponding complaint at the Police Station.

The agents have started the investigation, but from the ‘El Roble’ Neighborhood Association, from Montevil, its director Raúl Cachero indicated that “nobody has told us anything officially”, beyond a message received on Sunday itself. «It is strange, because around half past one in the morning there were three or four police cars on the Carbonera highway. I identified myself to the agents in case there had been any problem at the party and they told me that nothing had happened, “said Cachero. The fact is that neither the six security people of the party nor the person in charge of the barracks had any knowledge of what had happened. Raúl Cachero indicated that “hopefully these things never happen again. From the neighborhood association we denounce these facts.

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Julio Bobes, president of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Asturias, doubts that the will of others can be managed through this system. “From a health point of view, we don’t know that anyone has ever done it,” he explained. He assured that “there is no procedure to do it without the other person knowing.” Of course, he ensures that for a substance to have an immediate effect, it must be administered intravenously and not through a puncture.

The method of injecting this substance was detected, before the pandemic, in France, from where it went to the United Kingdom. Lately it is present in Spain, so it is associated with tourism. Jessica Castaño, from the Feminist Platform, was clear that “sooner or later she was going to get here.” She assures that “Montevil’s case draws attention because she is a 13-year-old girl.” Although she considers the purple information points essential, a longer-term cross-cutting campaign is needed to raise public awareness. Of course, she is clear that «women have to be alert, but I don’t like to scare people. It is a new way that there is and we must be more careful. But Gijón is a fairly quiet city».


They investigate a possible case of abuse in Malaga of a French tourist

The sad phenomenon of the ‘punctures’ to chemically subdue women in nightclubs began in Catalonia a few weeks ago, but has already spread throughout the Spanish geography. The National Police confirmed this Monday that it is investigating a possible case of a ‘prick’ that would have occurred a few weeks ago in a nightclub in the capital of Malaga; some investigations that began after the complaint of a French tourist.`

The events occurred on July 8. The 22-year-old explained that after a night out in the Costa del Sol capital, she left a nightclub accompanied by a young foreigner she had met that same day, and with whom she went to her apartment.

The next day, the tourist woke up dizzy, and when checking the body she noticed two inoculation points in one of her arms, compatible with the trace left by a syringe, as she herself reported to the National Police.


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