Wednesday, December 1

They discover 150 kilos of cocaine in a Madrid parking lot, with a street value of 9 million




Eight sports backpacks, 150 kilograms of cocaine and a street value that would have reached 9 million euros. Or more, in the event that all 133 packages hidden inside a van (within the aforementioned backpacks) they would have passed from hand to hand, with the consequent cut (adulterate the drug with other substances to increase its volume) applied by each trafficker in order to obtain better benefits. But this time, the coveted white powder has not come to fruition thanks to the intervention of the National Police, which has managed to intervene the full amount in a Madrid parking lot.

In the intervention, the agents they arrested two people when they were preparing to take charge of the drug, a Moroccan citizen with a long history of crimes against public health, and his partner. The investigations began after the National Corps was alerted, thanks to international cooperation in the fight against drug trafficking, of the existence of a criminal organization based in the region.

After the first inquiries were made, the agents verified that some of the members of this network was going to take charge of a large consignment of cocaine that had been brought into the capital in recent weeks. After that, they identified the person in charge of transport logistics in Spain, the one now detained, moved to the parking lot to move the seized merchandise. He traveled there in the company of his girlfriend, in different vehicles.

In addition to the 133 packages of cocaine, hidden inside eight sports backpacks that were found in the rear cargo compartment of the van, the uniformed officers also intervened 15,755 euros in cash, two cars and three mobile phones.

Another laboratory in Tetouan

On the other hand, the Municipal Police of Madrid has dismantled a laboratory of methamphetamine and cocaine in the district of Tetuán, also established as an important point of sale in the area. The operation resulted in the arrest of 5 people and the seizure of more than 2.5 kilos of narcotic substance, 11,600 euros in cash, as well as utensils and products for the manufacture and distribution of both drugs.

The agents suspected on Tuesday of a local on the street of the Vía Límite, when they observed a movement of people who came to buy drugs. That same day, three people were surprised when leaving the guarded space with 11,000 euros and more than 700 grams of methamphetamine and cocaine. On Wednesday, officials arrested two more people, in this case with 1.8 kilos and 600 euros. The operation ended with the seizure at the home of two of the detainees of the largest quantity of drugs and the tools used for its preparation and sale.

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