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They dismiss the deputy director of the Villena prison who invented an attack by five hooded men




Penitentiary Institutions has The deputy director of security of the Villena prison was dismissed (Alicante) after his detention this Wednesday for a crime of false reporting after inventing that several hooded men had hit him when he left home

Once the official communication on the procedural situation of the official is recorded, the corresponding disciplinary file, as reported in a statement by the department under the Ministry of the Interior.

The Civil Guard arrested this security officer in the Alicante penitentiary within the ‘Operation Silence‘, developed by the Territorial Team of the Judicial Police of Villena. The deputy director has been released after the arrest in the framework of proceedings that are still open.

From Penitentiary Institutions they have also indicated that they are waiting for the official communication of the arrest to adopt disciplinary measures with the opening of a disciplinary file to the deputy director of security.

Said file is an open procedure in parallel to the dismissal of the position.

Origin of the investigation

The alleged assault by hooded men was related to the supervision of the deputy director in a previous investigation into the reduction practiced by three officials, using the rubber fenders, at a prisoner with mental health problems in this same prison.

The events gave rise to a judicial investigation into the threats that this high-ranking official from the Alicante prison allegedly received on his mobile phone – which he said had been stolen – as a result of the review of the security cameras for an incident in a reduction to a prisoner on August 16, involving three prison officials.

As deputy director of security, she was the person who had the competence in the custody of these images, within an investigation in which she testified before the inspection of the penitentiary center. According to her account, the hooded assailants beat her days later and demanded that she “keep her mouth shut”.

The prisoner who suffered the reduction investigated by the alleged excess force applied by the officials of the Villena penitentiary center then starred in another incident in which he wounded the head of services of the jail of Cuenca, as denounced by prison unions. He is an intern who is part of the Comprehensive Care Program for the Mentally Ill (PAIEM).

The complaint was followed by a concentration in support of the assistant principal in which the Secretary General of Penitentiary Institutions participated, Angel Luis Ortiz. The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-MarlaskaHe also showed his support for this worker, whom he defined as “a true woman.”

The PP has requested his appearance before the Interior Commission for these words and for the opening of files to prison officials.

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