Thursday, November 26

They evict a party in a local in the Old Town of Alicante that violated the “anticovid” measures

Controls in Alicante to enforce anticovid measures.

Controls in Alicante to enforce anticovid measures.

The Local Police have evicted and sanctioned with a serious infraction to an establishment located in the leisure area of ​​the Old Town, when verifying that inside the premises there were people dancing, without masks and without respecting the distances minimum interpersonal security.

According to police sources, the events occurred around 11 p.m., at the San Pascual street, when the Police found that a party was being held with balloons, music, without security measures inside the entertainment venue, dancing a few inches from each other and without using the mandatory protective mask, and was reported for a serious offense, with a fine of 601 to 30,000 euros. The premises also face a possible suspension or prohibition of activity for a maximum period of six months, or closure for a maximum period of six months.

The intervention has been carried out by members of the night service and they were evicted, punishing the people inside. Serious infractions according to the decree of the Generalitat Valenciana are imposed for allocating the use of spaces of the establishment to activities or actions not allowed by the orders or measures issued against the Covid, in any type of establishment or activity whether in spaces or premises, public or private.

The mayor of Security, José Ramón González, has made a call to “comply with the measures in these difficult times of the pandemic, not to celebrate parties and extreme hygienic-sanitary measures of the use of masks and social distances”, while having influenced in that “no one is immune to Covid, and at parties is where the greatest risk is assumed since they can be vectors of transmission of the virus and take it home infecting everyone with whom they interact, we want to ask this minority again to become aware and comply with security measures ”.

The Local Police organizes surveillance devices to deal with Covid with inspections and controls, which this week has been closed during the nights with thirty penalties for breaching the curfew, four for not wearing masks, two for drug use and it has been Reported to three locals for failing to meet the capacity at the nightstands.

Other actions

Regarding traffic. on Antonio Ramos Carratalá avenue, a moped that runs away when control is observed for reckless driving, as well as three more vehicles due to lack of valid ITV, and in Aguilera avenue a man for refusal to submit to toxins. The Attestation Unit intervenes by carrying out the breathalyzer tests and prosecuting one person for driving under the influence of alcoholic beverages, and another for lack of a driving license.

For its part, last night the Police made three transfers to the hospital of patients with psychotic outbreaks, one on Pino Santo Street, another after 11:46 p.m. on Rambla de Méndez Núñez and the last one set up a device to locate a patient at 01.38 hours when the emergency is notified, finding it after 3.30 hours on the Avenida Concejal Pamblanco.

In this sense, the mayor José Ramón González has valued the exceptional work that the surveillance and control police forces are doing during the pandemic to enforce security measures and prevent further infections, noting that “in this city, the Local Government and the Local Police are working intensely every day with operations to prevent outbreaks ”.

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