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They filter the identity of the four famous finalists of the program

The identities of the finalists of 'Mask Singer'.

The identities of the finalists of ‘Mask Singer’.

The program ‘Mask Singer” of Antena 3 will play its final on Wednesday after revealing the identity behind the Peacock masks –Pastora Soler– and Sunflower –To the bathroom– in the last program. However, everything indicates that it will be a gala without surprises after they have been leaked on social networks the famous people behind the finalists: Chameleon, Raven, Poodle and Catrina.

And it is that the popular contest has made a monumental error by showing as clues some photographs of the contestants with other celebrities in the semifinal. Faced with such a failure, Twitter users have been very smart and have discovered the surprising identities that ‘Mask Singer’ has reserved for its latest gala. It is about the Valencian politician Toni Cantó; Genoveva Casanova, ex-partner of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo; the ex-pilot Jorge Lorenzo; and quite possibly the actress Salma Hayek, although the latter continues to be a mystery.

The characters have been the most difficult to guess for the panel of researchers made up of Malú, José Mota, Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo. In fact, some of the names that, apparently, will be in the final have not even been named in any of the galas, such as Toni Cantó.


The Cook Dabiz Muñoz, the presenter Pablo Motos, Coach Pep Guardiola, the pilot Marc Marquez or the actor Maxi Iglesias are some of the identities that have been considered for Camaleón. However, behind this voice that has confused the jury and Internet users is, according to users, the coordinator of Citizens in the Valencian Community: Toni sang. The politician rose to fame as an actor and his “color change to hide” track could refer to his move from UPyD to Ciudadanos. Also, the photograph with Chiquito de la Calzada that the Antena 3 program has published as a track He has finished betraying him.


The ex-pilot Fonsi Nieto or the singer Julio Jose Iglesias They have been two of the strongest bets of the jury, although names such as the bullfighter have also sounded Jesulín de Ubrique or the three-time MotoGP world champion Jorge Lorenzo. The latter is, according to users, the person hidden behind Raven. Some of the clues that further reaffirmed the theories around the motorcyclist are statements like “I am a free bird, I have always been flying”, “My downfall is comics”, “I love to play with my flock” and “They say I have bad to lose. ”


Although all the clues point to the famous Poodle disguise being Tamara Falco, the loudest person is Genoveva Casanova. And it is that the clue that has ended up revealing his identity is his surprising photograph with actor Orlando Bloom, who confused the investigators by thinking that it could be Monica Cruz, who doubled for her sister Penelope in “Pirates of the Caribbean.”


Catrina is one of the great surprises that ‘Mask Singer’ has reserved for the final. Although investigators have not mentioned the name of the actress Paz VegaTwitter users have been convinced it was about her for many weeks. Other names that have been considered are the singers Melody, Thalía, Shaila Durcal, Paloma San Basilio or Paulina Rubio. On the contrary, the famous one who hides behind the costume, according to users on social networks, is, apparently, the actress Salma Hayek. And it is that the interpreter has agreed with Hillary Clinton, although the tweeters have not found the exact photograph that the program has given as a clue, so her identity continues to be unknown.

Some tweeters have even compared Salma Hayek’s interpretation of the song “La llorona” with that of Catrina’s mask at the first ‘Mask Singer’ gala.

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