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They find a dead baby in the dump of a prison in Puebla, Mexico

The authorities of the central Mexican state of Puebla reported this Monday that They investigate the death of a six-day-old baby who was found lifeless in the prison of the municipality of San Miguel.

The governor of Puebla, Miguel Barbosa, explained at a press conference that they are investigating what the baby’s body was doing “in one of the containers” of the San Miguel Prison.

“It is a very serious fact that is under investigation and I have been in permanent contact with the (state) Prosecutor’s Office to find out some details,” he said.

Given the seriousness of the facts, the politician said that this matter is treated with the “necessary secrecy” to avoid spoiling the investigations.

I affirm that first of all it must be established where the baby was born, who was six days old, because he did not do it inside the prison.

You should also know who introduced the body into the jail and how long and what happened from when he was born until his “little body” was found.

He also said that the baby had undergone appendix surgery and it is also necessary to investigate who the child’s parents are.

Barbosa emphasized that no more information can be revealed in this regard, but he guaranteed that in this case the final consequences will be reached.

“From all these details the Prosecutor’s Office is making progress,” said the state president, who described the matter as “very serious” and “sinister.”

Last week, the civil association Reinserta denounced the finding of the baby in the prison and this weekend the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) announced that it will investigate the case.

As explained by the NGO, an inmate who worked on the containers of recyclable plastic material, known as PET, andfound the body of the baby covered with lime and inside a bag.

The fact reflects the human rights crisis that Mexico’s prisons are experiencing, according to the civil organization.

Only in December, in two different episodes, there was a murder and a fight between inmates in the same prison in San Miguel de Puebla, according to the organization.

About a week after the discovery, several NGOs, including Reinserta, announced this Monday the #JusticiaBebé campaign to make visible an “atrocious fact that cannot go unnoticed by the authorities.”

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